It’s the middle of winter. It’s dreary and cold. The horses are standing around all day on ice, or on hard ground, or in snow, and so are stiff and take a long time to warm up under saddle. We riders are tired of going around and around the indoor, or […]

Horse Friends Party

There’s a folk tradition that there’s one night a year that animals talk. For some this happens at the solstice. For others on Christmas Eve. As a child, I would daydream about what it’d be like to be awake at that moment. A few years back, I wrote a story about […]

The Night The Animals Talk

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Florida for a llama and alpaca handling course. Steve and I went down a day early because in that part of Florida it was the beginning of manatee season, an animal that I’ve so wanted to see in person. We hired Captain […]