It’s as hot today as it’s been all year. So hot that even Scooter doesn’t want to sunbathe. It’s humid too, which makes the air feel like a heavy obstacle to move through. I rode this morning at 8 am, at which time it was bearable to do physical activity, but […]

The Trees Know

In a shameless attempt to attract more readers to this blog, I am forgoing my usual thoughtful post that takes hours to compose, and instead I’m sharing cute photos! Alas, I do not have an adorable cat to drive viewers here (I’m allergic.) So, instead, let’s start with these two: […]


I have been working on a thoughtful training post. I was planning on writing it today. But the cherry blossoms are blowing off of the trees, and my thoughts have blown right out with them.   It’s May. This happens.   Hopefully, I’ll have something more cogent to post later […]

May Thoughts

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned working with horses, it’s that there’s always something more to learn. My continuing education takes place both far afield and close to home, from trainers that I rely on, and also from serendipitous meeting with others. At the end of February I was […]

Continuing Education

Many of you have commented on how tidy I keep Tonka’s mane. Short and straight.   Well, my view from the saddle is a little different. I have to say that this “skunk tail” of a mane keeps me from taking us too seriously!   Tonka has whorls all over, […]

Ridiculous View

I spent the last 3 days at a conference in Florida. Meetings are always exhausting for me, but this especially so, because it was non-stop listening and talking with like-minded horse professionals. There’s no end to horse talk. This morning I woke up craving quiet. Florida was pretty, and it […]


I was all set to write a training-theory filled blog today, but the weather report looked vile. It wasn’t the anticipated few inches of snow, but rather it was the freezing rain to follow that changed my plans. Instead of sitting at my computer this morning, I headed out to […]

Snow Day

I think that Tonka has been moonlighting as a Breyer Horse model. Yesterday I was in a tack store and spotted :   I believe that this photo shows Tonka practicing for the artist: Tonka does have cutting horse in his pedigree, but the moment captured in this photo Tonka […]

Tonka, Breyer Model?

Here in the States, it’s the week of Thanksgiving. It’s a big deal, especially for my family. Two sons are coming home. They haven’t been together in this house since last year. That happens when college and work schedules take priority. We have plans. Scooter thinks that we should all […]

This Week