Horse Women and Their Trucks, Part II

By Terry Golson

I had the BEST compliment the other day. I pulled into the line at a drive-thru coffee shop. There were pick-up trucks in front of me, and more behind. When I finally got to the cashier/barista, she smiled at me and said, You need to teach the guys how to drive.

This coffee shop doesn’t have a wide, sweeping arc to get the window. It’s a tight 90° angle in a normal building. She told me that the guys in their big trucks come around, and then have to back up and go forward a couple of times to line up with the window. I had done it in one clean turn.


There are a lot of us women out there who know how to drive tight corners. Even back up our rigs. We have trucks because we have horse trailers.


The other day I was picking up two bathroom vanities at the plumbing store. There were a lot of comings and goings of big things on the forklift. Yet I was the only person in the cashier’s line who was asked, Do you have a vehicle large enough for these?

Later in the week, at Home Depot, I went to the contractor’s desk to pick up an electric riding lawn mower. Once again I was asked, Do you have a large enough vehicle?

Of course I do.

I’d love to hear your horse women with trucks stories!

(I’ve written about the love of horse women for their rigs here. If you’re new to my blog, it’s worth a read for the comments!)

7 thoughts on “Horse Women and Their Trucks, Part II

  • sally

    Ah, yes. Horse Ladies drive trucks and trailers and know how to handle our rigs! We are in the process of redoing our kitchen, the horse trailer was how I picked up all the new cabinets. The cabinet warehouse guys said they have never loaded one of these. We also have a ski boat which I do the towing when we go out to the lake. Every time I pull up to unload the boat, all the men on the dock think they need to help me back up! Grrrr.

    • Terry Golson Post author

      We used the horse trailer when we moved. But we made the mistake of loading it too heavy up front which weighted the hitch down. Horse trailer are designed for big butts in the back 🙂 Reloaded, a huge amount fit – especially long awkward things that the moving company doesn’t want to deal with.

      • Steve Golson

        My wife is being much too kind. “We” didn’t mis-load the trailer. It was entirely my fault! Sometimes even us male engineers get things wrong…

  • Mona

    Why is it people ,men and women, think that a women can’t carry feed sacks, hay bales, lumber or drive a truck? I’m not bragging but when you’ve had to do it, because you are the only one around to do, you just get it done. My dad was a truck driver, tankers, flat beds, freight, and he taught me when I was very young how to drive an 18 wheeler. Not bragging but I can back up to a dock with the best of them. We women are good drivers.

  • Karen Pryor

    I loved to see and read the Truck#2 story. OF COURSE women love their trucks. They are so useful, strong, and able to carry big things around. And my heart-felt sympathy at all the smug put-downs that males immediately assume. Maybe we need to ask men if they need help tying their shoe laces, or using napkins, or being more careful of their hair, or something.

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