Well, the holiday gift-giving season is just about over. What was the best gift that you received? Or the one that surprised you (in a good way!) the most? Mine was a chainsaw. Specifically a lightweight, rechargeable battery-powered chainsaw. This was a gift from Steve, and in my world, it’s […]

Best Present

Tonka is ready. If one of Santa’s reindeer can’t do the job tonight, Tonka is able and willing.     He’s been studying the flight manual.   He’s been practicing flying over jumps in the arena. The trail riding that we’ve been doing will keep him sure-footed while clattering on […]

Standby Reindeer

I bought Tonka seven years ago, yesterday. Having him in my life has been better than I dreamed (and I dreamed a lot!) Every time that I go to the barn feels like a new gift. Simply put, this horse makes me happy. We’ve already done a lot together.   […]

7 Years!

I needed a holder for a hand towel in my bathroom. I had just the thing. I had a shiny stainless steel bit that was sitting unused in my tack trunk. It was unlikely that I’d ever put it in a horse’s mouth again. It’s a good bit, but it […]

Equestrian Decor – Towel Holder

We are all finding our own ways to stay grounded and productive in this Covid world. It’s not easy. Here’s my contribution to your mental health. Noses. How about a pony nose to start your day?   Or Finn’s?   What about Tonka’s goof face?   Or Edison’s hello! whiskers? […]


One of the fun – and distracting – things about this new world of meeting people in Zoom is that you can see their bookcases. Most people people shelve books without thinking until they’re all jammed together, collecting dust. A college textbook, a children’s picture book, a how-to manual and […]

On My Bookshelves

I’m a big fan of BBC mysteries, especially the “cozy” dramas that aren’t too bloody, but are more Agatha Christie-like character puzzles. I’m currently catching up on the last season of Endeavor. One of the reasons that I love these shows is that the production values are high and that […]

(Not) Horse People on Television

For ten years I wrote a blog about chickens. There was also a webcam on the Ladies, a rabbit, and the goats. I used to say that it was a “small window of sanity.” Tens of thousands of people got comfort from my view of my backyard.   Although the […]

What Do You Need?