In 2019 I wrote 114 blogpost (including this one.) I write mostly about horses, especially my perspective on how I interact with Tonka and the other animals in my life. Sometimes I write about my home. I even write about my truck (one such post written in 2018, continues to garner […]

Year End Blog Wrap-Up

December 25. The solstice is behind us, but winter is still in front of us. This season is not one to rush through. It looks like this where I live.   In the winter, Scooter takes to laps.   I don’t mind the cold and snow as long as it’s […]

Have a Merry!

Longtime readers of The Cooperative Horse and before that, of the HenBlog, well know why I’m not too communicative the week before Thanksgiving. I have the Pie Party to prepare for. Every year, for the last 16 years, instead of cooking a classic Thanksgiving meal of turkey, stuffing, etc. etc, […]

Pie Party 2019

World events getting you down? Feeling overwhelmed? A small-town agricultural fair in Maine can replenish what the news has depleted. It’s a place where girls in tutus and cowboy boots feel right at home.   It’s where well-loved animals ask strangers for nose scratches.     (Note that if that […]

A Day At A Maine Agricultural Fair

I had the BEST compliment the other day. I pulled into the line at a drive-thru coffee shop. There were pick-up trucks in front of me, and more behind. When I finally got to the cashier/barista, she smiled at me and said, You need to teach the guys how to […]

Horse Women and Their Trucks, Part II

Steve and I have been doing the sort of thinking that went into deciding what’s right for the Goat Boys, for ourselves. In the last few years, much in our lives has changed, but our physical space has not. It’s better to be proactive about these things than to have […]

A Move To Maine

Did you wake up on New Year’s Day at the normal time to take care of your animals, and it wasn’t a problem, because you went to sleep at the normal time the night before? Like before 10 pm? And you were happy to get up and be greeted by […]

A New Year’s Day

With 2018 coming to a close it’s time for year end lists. My website service provides me with stats so that I know which posts reached the most people. Can you guess what the top five posts at Cooperative Horse were? The most read post 2018 was (drum roll please): […]

Top Five Posts (and a couple you missed)

Starlight, moonlight, sunlight, total eclipse light, northern lights. Here’s to all of the light that we have traveled in this year. What an amazing and beautiful world. (Photo taken by Steve, at Vatnaleið, Snæfellsnes, Iceland, using Nikon D500, 10mm, f/3.5, ISO 22800, 1sec exposure hand-held with camera braced against the […]