Terry Golson

Last night, after two days without barn and horse time, I was feeling adrift and knew that it would only get worse if I didn’t figure out how to maximize the other good things in my life while that one BIG THING is on sabbatical. To that end, when I […]

Marsh Time

I’m a big fan of BBC mysteries, especially the “cozy” dramas that aren’t too bloody, but are more Agatha Christie-like character puzzles. I’m currently catching up on the last season of Endeavor. One of the reasons that I love these shows is that the production values are high and that […]

(Not) Horse People on Television

I hear that many of you are filling your hours cleaning out closets and hunting dust bunnies and drifts of dog hair out from under the furniture. But if you are equestrians then you have something even more satisfying to do. There’s tack to be cleaned! I pride myself on […]

I Clean Tack

For ten years I wrote a blog about chickens. There was also a webcam on the Ladies, a rabbit, and the goats. I used to say that it was a “small window of sanity.” Tens of thousands of people got comfort from my view of my backyard.   Although the […]

What Do You Need?

Are you having difficulty “sheltering in place?” Stressed out trying to homeschool or work from home? Not sure what to do with yourself? Scooter can show you how to cope with these trying times. Here is his day. Follow along. When your person wakes up, squeeze your eyes shut and […]

Scooter Shows You How

Yesterday afternoon I hiked more than four miles. I was scouting out trails to take Tonka on. I was familiar with the trails where I used to live, about 70 miles southwest of here. They were mostly on public conservation land, and were marked. If I did get lost it […]

New Trails

UPDATE: I wrote this ten days ago, and back then it made sense. But, even in my rural corner of Maine, the threat of societal catastrophe from this virus is real and here. Where I board my horse is now closed to all but staff for the next two weeks. […]

Sensible Horse Barn Protocols for Corona

Tonka and I continue to take our weekly jumping lessons. It’s fun for both of us, and something I know we’ll keep doing, so I purchased some new (used) gear for it. I bought a buttery-soft French saddle.   It’s half the weight of my dressage saddle, and I have […]

March Thaw Fun

Today’s blog is a break from the horse talk. Sort of. Steve and I hired a Registered Maine Guide to walk us through our backyard. We’ve owned our 11-acres in southern Maine for a year now. We look at, walk through it, and appreciate it, every day. But that doesn’t […]

Seeing and Understanding