I’ve had requests for an update on the animals that live with me. For ten years I wrote about the goings-on with my hens and other creatures that I’ve shared my home with. (You can find that blog here and the bios of critters here.) Everyone is showing signs of aging, […]

Little Pond Farm Faces

My friend, Michele, is a dog person. She and her husband like to have a house full of them. Not too long ago, her pack was sadly reduced to only two. These two dogs were perfect, and got along with each other and with the cats. They went for daily off-leash walks […]

Self-control Leads to Happiness

Today Scooter is ten years old. He looks good. Perhaps that’s because he knows how to conserve his energy.   Scooter knows how to make the best of any situation, including trying out Lily’s oh, so comfortable bed while she is off being a useful farm dog.   He knows […]

Happy Birthday, Scooter!

We all have expectations of those around us. Spouses, children, friends. Since no one can ever completely meet one’s expectations we set ourselves up for frustration and sometimes anger. It’s true of our pets, too. The dog that was supposed to be your running partner is too fearful to jog. The […]

Let Them Surprise You

I didn’t get Lily to be a farm dog, but that’s what she told me that she is. I thought that I’d do agility with her, but she let me know that her job was to stay home and be aware. Predators were kept off of the property, the Portuguese […]

The Old Farm Dog Sleeps