Are you having difficulty “sheltering in place?” Stressed out trying to homeschool or work from home? Not sure what to do with yourself? Scooter can show you how to cope with these trying times. Here is his day. Follow along. When your person wakes up, squeeze your eyes shut and […]

Scooter Shows You How

The weather has turned. I’m wearing long sleeves and a vest. Someone is giving me a clear message that he is not a barn dog. At least not when the temperature drops.   That’s okay. You don’t force an animal to be what they’re not. All you can do is to […]

Not A Barn Dog

For ten years, Good Dog Lily was Scooter’s guiding light. Wherever she was, so was he. Granted, she was the active one, keeping deer away, hawks out of the sky, and snakes out of the pond, while he, well… he sprawled out in the sun. With Lily gone, Scooter is […]

Scooter’s Barn Dog Training

I was sitting in my screened porch in my peaceful backyard when a house sparrow landed on a large sunflower growing in a pot by the steps. That wasn’t unusual, this bird often uses the plant as a vantage point. What caught my attention was that he started chirping in […]

Missing The Farm Dog

At some point during the fifteen years that Lily lived with me, I started calling her Good Dog Lily. I did that, not because she was, in the typical sense, a good dog. She was alarmist, hyper-aware, reactive to movement, a barker, an early-riser, an observer, not a cuddler. In […]

Good Dog Lily

I’ve had requests for an update on the animals that live with me. For ten years I wrote about the goings-on with my hens and other creatures that I’ve shared my home with. (You can find that blog here and the bios of critters here.) Everyone is showing signs of aging, […]

Little Pond Farm Faces

My friend, Michele, is a dog person. She and her husband like to have a house full of them. Not too long ago, her pack was sadly reduced to only two. These two dogs were perfect, and got along with each other and with the cats. They went for daily off-leash walks […]

Self-control Leads to Happiness

Today Scooter is ten years old. He looks good. Perhaps that’s because he knows how to conserve his energy.   Scooter knows how to make the best of any situation, including trying out Lily’s oh, so comfortable bed while she is off being a useful farm dog.   He knows […]

Happy Birthday, Scooter!

We all have expectations of those around us. Spouses, children, friends. Since no one can ever completely meet one’s expectations we set ourselves up for frustration and sometimes anger. It’s true of our pets, too. The dog that was supposed to be your running partner is too fearful to jog. The […]

Let Them Surprise You