Little Pond Farm Faces

By Terry Golson

I’ve had requests for an update on the animals that live with me. For ten years I wrote about the goings-on with my hens and other creatures that I’ve shared my home with. (You can find that blog here and the bios of critters here.) Everyone is showing signs of aging, but are well!

There are ten hens in my flock. They’re all taking a winter break from laying. They’re old, so I don’t know how many will resume egg production in February.

Veronica, as always, is the most chatty.


They all do their best to remind me that they’re direct descendants of dinosaurs.


Phoebe was never fond of the hens. She is delighted that they all live in the Big Barn, and she gets the Little Barn to herself. She doesn’t like to share her pumpkin.


The Beast and her minions are safe in the pond.


The pump keeps going year round, providing oxygen and keeping the cave free from ice. Look from a certain angle and you can see the Beast waiting out the winter.


The Goat Boys are not fond of snow. They do not like stepping in it. We keep the area by their barn shoveled.


Pip and Caper are as sweet and fun to be around as always.


The dogs spend most of their time indoors. This is Scooter’s winter face:


He looks absolutely pitiful unless there is a fire.


Lily is fourteen and showing her age. Her eyes are cloudy, her rear end is weak and she can’t hear the doorbell. She does, however, let me know when there are deer across the street. I don’t know how she does it.

From my home to yours, we wish you a New Year filled with peace, joy and gratitude.

15 thoughts on “Little Pond Farm Faces

  • Emily

    So cute!! Nice to see all the animals from the Little Pond farm again 🙂 thanks for sharing! Happy new year to you too! 🙂

  • Karen E Bergan

    What a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing. I loved seeing their happy faces with your thoughtful updates about each of them. Happy Holidays to all of you.

  • Jan

    Thank you so much for the update, lovely to see them all again. My Girls are the same age as yours so are also resting, hoping we may get an odd egg in Spring. Really hope you are able to sort out your ongoing problems with Tonka in the New Year. All the best for the Holidays 🙂

  • Judy Marvelli

    So glad to see this post. I have thought about your animals often. I do miss the old HenCam blogs but I am very happy for you doing what you love now with horses. Happy Holidays Terri

  • Deanne G

    Thank you for the update! It is such a shame our animal loves have to age, and so quickly…

    Happy Holidays to you and yours from WARM South Carolina!

  • Jean H

    Thanks for this. Good to see some of the beautiful older faces. Nice to see Lily holding her own. A girl needs some mystery in her life!

  • Kim

    Happy New Year Terry & Family! Thank you as always for sharing what you learn about your animals with us.

  • Judy

    Happy Winter Solstice to everyone at Little Pond Farm! Thanks for the “catch up” post Terry – your fan club always likes to hear about their Farm buddies.

  • Rebecca Stedman

    Have been thinking about the farm lately so I decided to check in. Thank You so much for giving us news about the farm. I to miss HenCam but know you are a Horse Woman at heart. So happy to see the goatee boys and beloved Lily and Scooter. Recovery is slow here in Gatlinburg TN after the fires, but things are progressing in the county. Hoping your 2018 is full of more adventures for you, your family and all the animals!

    • Terry Golson Post author

      Happy New Year! Good to hear from you. So sorry to hear that fire impacted your home. So many of my readers have been affected – in your area, out west, hurricanes in the south. Hoping that 2018 will give us all a break from these disasters.

  • Vicki Rankin

    Just visited the FAQ page at hencam for a chicken thing and decided to check in here. What a nice surprise to see your Little Pond Farm update! Yes, the animals are looking a bit older… but then aren’t we all? Anyway Terry, from a very long time follower, wishing you, Steve and family a wonderful New Year.

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