Scooter is 14!

By Terry Golson

I used to have a dog named Lily. She took her job of being vigilant about what went on around Little Pond Farm very seriously. She was not an easy dog to live with. I decided that she needed a side-kick. A Robin to her Batman. I found this puppy.


It took some training to teach Lily that this little brown thing was a dog, not a chipmunk. Soon though, Scooter did exactly what I’d hoped he would. He distracted Lily with play. He stayed nearby while she kept watch.



He was perfectly satisfied to let her be the farm dog, which was okay with everyone, including the chickens.


Lily passed away in June of 2018. For awhile Scooter didn’t know what to do with himself. For his entire life, he had lived in Lily’s shadow, and loved it there. Without Lily to take the lead, I had to tell Scooter when to eat and when to go to bed at night. He soon decided that he’d be my side-kick. I’m a lot less work than Lily, and Scooter is a lot older. Mostly, he does his job here:


We now live in Maine. He would have loved following after Lily here. Instead, I have to keep up with him!


Today is Scooter’s birthday. He’s fourteen! Scooter is in great shape. Good eyes. Still hears. Still active. Active in a Scooter way. His key to longevity? Find the sun and plop yourself there. Scooter is a master at that.


Happy Birthday, Scooter!


14 thoughts on “Scooter is 14!

  • Jean Husson

    Happy birthday, Scooter. You are an inspiration to all of us, no matter the number of feet we have.

  • Gin

    Happy birthday you little sweetie pie. I see in the video he is making a bee line for the house and a warm bed! With just a short intermission to check out an interesting scent.

  • Jan

    Happy Birthday Scooter, love this little dog with his bow legs. Have a long and happy life in the sunshine he always finds the right spot 🙂

  • tracy

    I have mentioned several times that I believe Scooter has life completely figured out. And after having the pleasure of meeting him a few years ago, I have now had it confirmed. He navigated from warm bed, to warm blanket, to warm sun spot. All a dog like Scooter needs, really. I do love a senior dog, and he certainly has a wonderful life with you. I hope you and your family are all well.

  • Rebecca Stedman

    Happy Birthday Dear Scooter! I have loved keeping up with you for some years now. You are such a sweet soul and you have taught me the art of napping! I miss Lily too and so enjoyed your antics. Yin and Yang.

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