Scooter Shows You How

By Terry Golson

Are you having difficulty “sheltering in place?” Stressed out trying to homeschool or work from home? Not sure what to do with yourself? Scooter can show you how to cope with these trying times.

Here is his day. Follow along.

When your person wakes up, squeeze your eyes shut and stay in bed.


After she makes her coffee and sits down in front of her computer, trit-trot down the hall and say that you have to go out.


Do your business. No toilet paper needed.


Have breakfast. Be fussy. Spit out and then pick back up chunks of food. The meal lasts longer that way.


Decide whether it’s worth going up the stairs to keep an eye on your person. Whine while you’re thinking.


It’s more important to find a place in the sun.


Following the sun takes effort. Worth it.


Sometimes you have to forgo your bed – and face away from your person – to find that patch of sun. Worth it.


Take pee breaks. Sniffing and peeing alleviates boredom. It’s good for your person, too. She’d be bored otherwise.


Take a walk outside. More sniffing!


But don’t overdo it. In about five minutes, when ready to go back inside, run as fast as you can back home. Plan it so you’re going uphill. This will give your person exercise. (You know she stays close to you to protect you from hawks.)


If you’re lucky, there will be a lap to stretch out on. If not, curl up on a bed.


Repeat the pee and sleep cycle until dinnertime. Lick the people’s dinner bowls.


After dinner ask for playtime.


Now comes the best time of the day. Couch time. Sit in the middle so that your person has to sit on the edge. Your person will be amazed at a little dog’s ability to hog the couch. It will amuse her every time.


Wait until your person goes to bed, then go to your own, where you can keep an eye on her until morning.


There! That’s how Scooter fills his day. Here’s his philosophy in a nutshell: find cozy comfort wherever you are and keep an eye on the ones you love.

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