Best Present

By Terry Golson

Well, the holiday gift-giving season is just about over. What was the best gift that you received? Or the one that surprised you (in a good way!) the most? Mine was a chainsaw. Specifically a lightweight, rechargeable battery-powered chainsaw. This was a gift from Steve, and in my world, it’s about as romantic as it gets because it shows that my husband knows – and is willing to enable – what makes me happy. Now I can easily keep the bridle paths clear. I also need to remove sapling stumps from the field so that I can keep it mowed and thus keep the invasive thorny rose in check. Just look at this wonderful thing do that job!


Tell me about something special, gift, food or other, that you received this season. Spread the cheer!

12 thoughts on “Best Present

  • Rebecca Stedman

    You go girl! Nothing like chainsaw to make life complete. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Terry Golson Post author

      We’re in the process of bringing our garage up to code with insulation and wallboards. Once that’s done we can put in thoughtful organization. Then I’ll have a charging station and everything! That will truly make life complete 🙂

  • Barbara in COS

    My hubs got me a Roomba i7+ and we have been highly entertained watching it go to work. It maps the whole house, goes back to its base station when it needs to re-charge or to empty itself (the “+” is the self-emptying attachment). After it maps the layout (after 2-3 runs), you can name rooms, set up automatic schedules to vacuum everything or only certain rooms or even just high-traffic areas. We named ours “Dog Chaser” but our usually over-reactive border collie actually isn’t bothered by it at all, even after it bumped him in the butt a couple of times when he was in its path. Carpet didn’t get as clean (yet?) as I’d expected, but hardwood, tile, and throw rugs are all perfect.

    I’m a long-time reader, but have never commented before. Thanks, Terry, for all the interesting and varied content. Happy New Year!

    • Terry Golson Post author

      Ah, give the BC time an he’ll come up with something to clever to do with the vacuum, I’m sure! 🙂
      Thanks for commenting. I always like hearing from and getting to know my readers.

  • Miriam

    Hi Terry,

    Seasons Greeting to you both…
    Have to say, Gary and I share a similar chainsaw – ours is a Stihl- and we- I – just love it. I could never have managed th old gas one at all – but THIS is just awesome.
    Pats for Tonka

    Miriam in Ontario

  • Jan

    I shred and compost all my flower and vegetables when cut down but we have loads of conifer and laurel hedges that we have to cut each year, usually we take this to our local community bonfire. Unfortunately due to covid this was cancelled so my Son made us up a token to collect and take all this to our nearest green recycling centre and pick up some bags of top soil. As we are unable to go out and about this was thoughtful and brilliant. 🙂

  • Shaste

    I got an IOU one weekend of house and dog sitting from a friend. Im hoping to be able to use it some time in 2021

    I’ve been eyeing those electric chainsaws. Curious how long it lasts and how thick it can cut? Would love something I can pack in to a couple smaller downed logs on our trails!

    • Terry Golson Post author

      Farm sitting is a priceless present!
      I haven’t yet run the chainsaw until it’s out of power. I have a string trimmer in the same brand and it lasts as long as my back does 🙂 You can get spare batteries. It is certainly capable of taking down small downed logs.

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