Equestrian Decor – Towel Holder

By Terry Golson

I needed a holder for a hand towel in my bathroom. I had just the thing.

I had a shiny stainless steel bit that was sitting unused in my tack trunk. It was unlikely that I’d ever put it in a horse’s mouth again. It’s a good bit, but it squeaked. Vaseline in the joints took care of the noise, but it was annoying to have to grease it every week. It was replaced with this bit, which it turns out, Tonka likes much better.

All I needed for my towel rack was that bit and two small items: a long screw and a loop clamp.


Steve found the wall stud and installed it.



But now the wall around the towel holder looks empty. I think I need a piece of horse art. And that white shower curtain is so bland. A horse shower curtain?

Steve and I enjoy having art hanging in the house. So far we’ve assembled an eclectic collection. The house isn’t overwhelmed with horses. Perhaps, though, my bathroom (Steve has his own, we don’t share) could have a horse theme? Do you follow horse artists on Instagram? Have a suggestion for that shower curtain? Have you gone overboard on equestrian decor? I fear this bit is only the start. Tell me in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Equestrian Decor – Towel Holder

  • Daisy

    What a great idea, not only does it recycle, but it will bring extra pleasant memories each time you will see/use it. Already your private bathroom, let your equine creativity on the loose LOL Sorry I can’t bring suggestions but I am sure those with your passion will answer your call !
    Today (Monday) is our Thanksgiving, loved receiving your post adding to the special day ! Thanks so much for sharing

      • Daisy

        Thanks and I agree. Unfortunately Covid-19 is in it’s second wave and Montreal a red zone and now it spreads to other regions. Had to cancel the trip to the wine region and stay in confinement 🙁 Luckily we had a lovely day and I enjoyed the sun and colors from the terrace !

  • Gin

    My late husband was among other things a farrier so he had a forge and plenty of used shoes. He took old barn boards and attached pictures I had taken of horses and friends and decoupaged them and attached the shoes for bridle hangers, coat hat hangers, etc.
    I like your bit towel hanger. I follow one horse artist on FB. personally I don’t like some of the horse shower curtains I’ve seen, they just seem too dark and I don’t think the horses look very good. Just my opinion. I’m sure there are some good ones out there. If there is any place that makes some that you could personalize, you could take some of Steve’s pictures to put on it.

    • Terry Golson Post author

      Yes, if I’m going to look at a realistic horse on a shower curtain, I’d prefer it to be Tonka 🙂 I keep hoping for something a bit abstract and interesting. (Your late husband sounds very sweet to do that for you.)

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