By Terry Golson

We are all finding our own ways to stay grounded and productive in this Covid world. It’s not easy. Here’s my contribution to your mental health. Noses.

How about a pony nose to start your day?


Or Finn’s?


What about Tonka’s goof face?


Or Edison’s hello! whiskers?


Scooter is happy to help you get going with your day. Here he is looking as statuesque as a 10-pound dog with bow legs can look.


This snapping turtle couldn’t care less about your mood, but it makes me happy to see her. Look at those little nostrils!


Caper is ancient, and lives up the road at a friend’s farm, but he still greets me with a loving nose sniff.


Lastly, here is Karen Pryor‘s cat, Leo. Once he knows you, he’ll let you gaze at his magnificence.

Writing this post boosted my mood. It also made me realize that I need to take more photos of noses. That would make me feel more productive!

Do you have a nose that gets you through the day? Tell me about it in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Noses

  • Gin

    Thank you, this nose post uplifted my somewhat gloomy day. I love horse noses, my mare has a spot on her nose that is really similar to the one on Finn’s nose, only not as large. She also has a pink nose so I have to put sunblock on her which she isn’t too crazy about.
    As always, Scooter is precious.

    • Terry Golson Post author

      My first horse was a leopard appaloosa with a pink nose.That was in the days before sunscreen. I used desitin (the paste for diaper rash) on him. Messy, but it worked.

  • John Schaller

    Thank you for this one! My pointer dog likes to stand outside and “take the air” by sniffing, in a way that our lab mix doesn’t even though she also has a good nose. It is often interesting just watching the process. One horse I ride regularly seems to have good horse manners and likes to exchange breath with the horse closest to the crossties before he goes into the crossties himself. For whatever reason the horse socializing sort of adds to the grooming and tacking experience.

    • Terry Golson Post author

      It is wonderful to observe interactions that happen on levels that we humans are dull to and that we are only clued into because of our animal’s behavior.

  • Rebecca Stedman

    Nosing Along….

    Thanks for all these great noses! Especially beloved Caper and Scooter. Made my day.

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