Maine wildlife

Yesterday started out sunny and the two-acre field in front of our house was literally abuzz with bees. This landscape is a combination of blueberry barrens and overgrown lawn. It’s a bee, butterfly and firefly haven, and as scruffy as it looks from a distance, we’ll keep it that way. […]

Cold Bees

When your horse is worried, it’s never nothing. I’ve written about this before. Tonka and I have ridden here a gazillion times. From the field, he can see his barn and his friends in their paddocks. It should be a worry-free place to do conditioning sets up and down the gentle […]

Tonka Knows More Than Me (continued…)

If there’s anything that can bring home the idea that the natural world has more levels of complexity to it than we pay attention to (or know much about), it’s what you hear in a field by a marsh in Maine in late summer. This is what it sounds like […]

This Wonderful, Complex World

One thing that I’ve learned in the few short months that I’ve lived by this marsh in Maine, is that there’s a lot I’m not seeing.   You have to look closely to see what’s really there. What looks an abandoned field between the stone wall and the water is […]

More To The Table

Between the stone wall and the marsh, there is a blueberry barren.   Wild lowbush blueberries grow there.   I’ve been picking them by hand, separating the ripe from the unripe. Bent over. Where there are ticks and deer flies.   By the time my small basket isn’t even half-filled, […]

Sharing The Blueberry Harvest

It’s a cliché to say that life is a complex, intertwined web, but when you live in a place that looks like this, the cliché comes fully to life.   I’m a human with dull senses. The spotting scope that we have in our window helps, but still. Although some […]

Seen and Unseen

July 4th. Around here it means hot weather, cookouts, parades, and fireworks. Fireworks are gorgeous spectacles, but I’m a bit of a curmudgeon about them. The noise scares animals (and people) and they’re a fire hazard. They’re dangerous and I wish that individuals weren’t able to buy their own sparkling […]

Fireflies and Fireworks

This is the view from the causeway of my driveway in Maine.   It’s a different sort of beautiful everyday. Enough to make one slow down and look. But I’ve got things to slow down for besides admiring that sky. I’ve got to keep my eyes on the road. The […]

Slow On The Driveway

We first saw our new home in January. Behind the house are 4,000 acres of protected wildlands. One reason why no development is allowed there is that this ecosystem is home to the endangered Blanding’s Turtle. I’d not heard of this turtle species before looking at this house in this […]

The Turtles of Turtle Hill