Halloween Horse and More

By Terry Golson

It’s October, Halloween month.

Which means that people are dressing their pets up in costumes.

I’m not one to call my animals “fur babies” (I think that does a disservice to seeing and appreciating their true natures) but yes, even I have succumbed to the silliness of Halloween. Here are Pip and Caper, my goats, dressed up as angels. If you followed their adventures over at my HenCam blog, then you know how hilarious this is. You’ll also know why I don’t attempt to dress them up every year!


I’ve only put Tonka in a costume once.

He’s wet paint. Get it?

Rather than do silly things to your animals, you can decorate pumpkins.


For instructions on how to make horse-themed pumpkins, go here.

Have you dressed up your animals in embarrassing fun costumes? Tell me in the comments! Also, if Tonka were your horse, would you make a costume for him? If so, what would it be?

3 thoughts on “Halloween Horse and More

  • Michelle McMillen

    I rode a costume freestyle to the song “Lasagne” (spoof on La Bamba) dressed as a chef; my Swedish mare wore an apron. I got together the pieces to do a costume freestyle on my Prix St. George Morgan gelding to the theme from the Pink Panther, including an adult-sized, pink, footed onesie pajama (I was going to wrap his tail in pink vet wrap and run a strip from his tail head up over the back of the saddle to give me one LONG tail), but ended up selling him before we could put it together. I’ve dressed bulldogs up for Halloween, too; a friend and my mom gave me costumes. Any other breed I’ve had would have been embarrassed, but not bulldogs!

  • Daisy

    I fully agree with you and never dressed up my little dog in any costume. Though at Christmas time, she would wear a little red and white collar with jingles which created the nicest merry atmosphere when she was going around… A neighbour even told me she was wondering what was that sound when we go down the interior staircase LOL !!! A nice memory rekindling, she’s gone since 2000 but still so very present ! Thanks for the opportunity of talking about her !

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