By Terry Golson

Starlight, moonlight, sunlight, total eclipse light, northern lights.

Here’s to all of the light that we have traveled in this year. What an amazing and beautiful world.

(Photo taken by Steve, at Vatnaleið, Snæfellsnes, Iceland, using Nikon D500, 10mm, f/3.5, ISO 22800, 1sec exposure hand-held with camera braced against the car roof)

Every year at this time, I share this story that I wrote. The Night The Animals Talk. What will your animals say to you tonight? What will you say to your animals?

7 thoughts on “Light

  • Chickencarol

    Beautiful photo! I read the story last year so it just remains for me to say that I wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year and good health to you, your family and all your critters and your readers. I will say Happy Christmas to my girls with a Christmas day treat of fish. X

  • Gin

    I’ve read the story before, and enjoyed it just as much this time as before. I’m getting ready to go out and give the horses apples and carrots for a treat, hoping to encourage them to say nice things to me tonight!!

  • Daisy

    Thanks for the lovely story (+Total eclipse light) and beautiful pictures; wish everybody was as respectful of Nature as you and Steve are…

    As for the night talk, it will be all about reciprocal love, we receive so much from all animals…

    Wishing you, Steve and your family and all of your familiars happy holidays

    Always such a great pleasure to read and learn more about your passion.

    Also best wishes to all your readers !

  • Gin

    It’s me again, I don’t have to wait until tonight to hear what they have to say. One of my mares does not like apples. I’ve been putting apple slices in with her carrots lately hoping she will develop a taste for apples. She told me tonight in no uncertain terms I better keep the apples away from her carrots or she wasn’t going to eat the carrots either. So I took the apples out gave them to the other horses and everyone was happy.
    Happy Holidays to everyone.

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