Valentine’s Day Gifts For Horse Women

By Terry Golson

It’s that time of year. Your significant other is in search of a gift for you. Not just any gift. A romantic gift. Despite the fact that Steve and I have been together for about 30 years, he still gets stressed out when February rolls around. I assure him that a bunch of tulips is fine.

He got me these. A week early. Sweet. It’d be enough.

But, after all of this time, Steve would like to express his love in a way that shows a bit more thought. So, my husband went online and found a list of “The Best Gifts For Valentine’s Day.” He wrote it down.


Even Steve knows enough to know that this list is ludicrous if you’re married to a horse girl. But, all is not lost! I have tweaked this list just a tad, and now it is 100%:

The Top Seven Valentine’s Day Gifts For Horse Women

#1: Clothing

Splurge on a pair of show breeches for her. High heels and a little dress have nothing on a pair of great-fitting breeches and polished tall black boots.


#2: Jewelry

How about a bit of bling for the pickup truck? I’ve written about Horse Women and Their Trucks, which is a love affair that husbands can rightly be jealous of. My suggestion is this to the guys – when you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! A shiny stainless steel trailer hitch cover is the path to my heart.


#3: Perfume

The smell of expensive leather conditioner makes any true horse girl swoon.


#4: Lingere

Want to see your woman in lace? How about this show shirt?


If she doesn’t compete, there’s always this option for the horse – think of it as fishnet stockings for her other significant other.


#5: Beauty Products

You could buy her horse shampoo that is way more expensive than what she’d ever buy for herself.


#6: Flowers

Actually, I like tulips. But for a longer lasting gift that will remind her of your love for months, go to the dollar store and get these.


Then watch on the sidelines when the practice over those turns into this.


#7: Chocolates

Quality chocolate meant for humans is always welcome. Even better is when it comes in a horsey package, with beautiful equines embossed on the chocolate, and when the owner of the company is a horse woman herself, who gives back to the community. Dark Horse Chocolates are the best!


By getting one of these gifts, you show that you acknowledge and accept who she is. Which is as romantic as you can get.

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day gift? What do you usually get? Tell me in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gifts For Horse Women

  • Gin

    Since he grew up in a family who didn’t bother with gifts, I usually buy my own gifts. I bought a new saddle pad for Christmas. For Valentine’s day I might get a new pair of gloves for riding, or a new headstall, or some bling for headstalls, or a couple bottles of fly repellent. And I’m glad you included chocolate, that’s a definite.

  • Rebecca Stedman

    I am not a horse woman….but I love horses.
    This post had me at the chocolates. Harbor Sweets are my favorite dark chocolates in the world. Seeing these beauties made my day and a dash to my computer.
    Dark Horse Chocolates…they are so beautifully crafted. I hope all the horse women get some of the gifts you have shown and all have a wonderful Valentines Day.

    • Terry Golson Post author

      Back in the 1980s when I was in the food business, Harbor Sweets was a beacon of how a business could be run. They hired the down and out. They supported benefits for AIDS, when that disease was still seen as something to hush up about and avoid. The current owner is a horse woman and continues to do good work. Glad you already know about them!

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