Stirrup Bags Barn Hack

By Terry Golson

I have a barn hack for you today!

Finding the right saddle for your horse can be a journey as challenging as finding the right horse in the first place. Tonka has very specific ideas about what he wants on his back. (I wrote about that here.) Now that we have the one and only saddle that he deigns to let me ride in, I want to take care of it. A good saddle, kept clean and conditioned, and stored at a moderate temperature,  should have the lifespan of your horse.

I’m as particular about stirrups as Tonka is about saddle fit. 

 are ones that I’m currently using.

The weight and balance works for me. But the edges are rough and scratch and bang up the leather. I could buy stirrup covers – bags that you put over the stirrups when you’re not riding. Purchasing them is convenient, and you can even get ones with sparkly unicorns on them.

I’ve been known to do such frivolous purchases, but when I can do a barn hack that works, and that makes me feel frugal, I do it!

When you have a pair of socks at the end of their wearable lifespan, (these are stretched out and have holes)

cut off the feet.

The cuffs become perfect stirrup bags!

Do you have a favorite horse barn hack? Tell me in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Stirrup Bags Barn Hack

  • Lisa Deupree

    Since I have my own barn, I can add things to make my life easy. I used to carry around a bucket full of my brushes. What I did was, I tacked a hanging shoe pocket holder near my crossties. Voilà! I can find my favorite brush or hoof pick or what have you without having to dig through my jumble of brushes.

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