Tonka Tries To Get With The Program

By Terry Golson




2 thoughts on “Tonka Tries To Get With The Program

  • Gin

    Can you feel before when he is going to do a “little bitty jump” or when he decides to “go bigger and have a little fun”? Or are you just prepared for a big jump just in case? Is there a difference? Do you think he can feel you preparing for a big jump so that is what he does? I don’t know that much about the mechanics of jumping, I know more about trail riding and barrel racing.

    • Terry Golson Post author

      It’s all about coming into the right spot, and finding that is a skill I’m only beginning to learn! If I squeeze too far out, Tonka takes that as encouragement to go big. Sometimes, I can feel him build up enthusiasm and I’m not quick enough to contain it before the jump. I always can feel as he’s taking off how big Tonka is going to go, so I usually can stay with him and not interfere and haul on the reins. But it’s not always pretty!

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