The Plan Is Working!

By Terry Golson

I was concerned about the twilight years for the Goat Boys. They’re not going to last forever, and one was sure to die before the other. What was going to happen to the remaining lone goat? I thought about adding to the herd before Pip and Caper were too old to adjust to such a huge change in their home life. Then Steve and I bought the house in Maine. It wasn’t set up for two goats, let alone youngsters. And, honestly, building a barn and having a herd of goats wasn’t something that I wanted in my life going forward.

The Goat Boys needed a new home, where they’d be in safe confines, and there’d be other goats to keep them company, but not overwhelm them. But who would want two old goats, and how could I make sure that they would be well cared for? I needed to be able to visit them. It seemed impossible to meet so many criteria.

The stars aligned. Kim, a kind and generous friend, had been thinking about getting goats. We discussed having her take on the Goat Boys as her starter set. She came and visited them in Massachusetts. I visited her farm in Maine to help her plan how to modify her horse barn for the Boys. Kim had in mind that at some point she’d add to the herd. Her longterm plan was to have a youngster that she could breed.

So, Pip and Caper moved to Maine before I did!

Kim and her husband went on vacation a couple of weeks ago and came across a farm stand that had goats in the back. They happened to be exactly the sort of goats that she wanted – Nubians – with their floppy ears and long elegant legs. It often happens like this. You come across a goat and fall in love. She picked out a young doeling and a slightly older wether. The doeling was still nursing, so she got the mamma goat, too.


Pip and Caper are now uncles.

Pip rules. If he wants the raised bed, he gets it. Everyone agrees that is the right way to behave.


Caper is the indulgent old man. That’s the way it should be, too.


My plan for my Goat Boys’ golden years is going exactly as I’d hoped.

Actually, it’s going even better than I hoped because Kim has two good horses and fields to ride in, and she’s only a half-hour drive from where I keep Tonka. Today, Tonka met the goats.


He also met Booker, Kim’s elegant Tennessee Walker. We braved the deer flies to explore the woods.


We trotted and cantered around paths mowed into her field. Sometimes, the best laid plans do work out.

15 thoughts on “The Plan Is Working!

  • Lizzie in Cornwall

    How brilliant is that!!!! Win, win all round! So good to see the goat boys looking relaxed and happy 🙂
    Actually, I was thinking of you earlier today, Terry, when treating my 2 hen houses for red mites. Happy days!
    I bet that’s something you definitely don’t miss!

  • Rebecca Stedman

    Thanks for sharing! I love those boys and are so glad they have a great new home nearby. Icing on the cake is that you and Tonka can visit plus get a nice ride in.
    Maine…the way life should be

  • Daisy

    So good to see Pip and Caper again and in such great company ! Things do turn out for the best for all of you and so incredible you can still visit in such a wonderful way !
    You make my heart sing 🙂

  • Kim

    Thank you Terry! I so enjoyed our ride today! Pip and Caper bring us so much joy, and our new additions have added a little spring in their step. It’s interesting to see the new herd dynamic develop. We are enjoying them very much!

  • Karen Pryor

    Bravo! Happy goats and nice to see the Nubians and offspring too.
    What beautiful photographs. And happy senior years for Pip and Caper. PLUS a place and a friend to go riding together? Heaven.


  • Judy

    What wonderful photographs; what wonderful news about Pip and Caper (Caper looks particularly pleased)! And Tonka looks like he is enjoying his trot through the wildflowers. Yes Terry, your move to Maine turned out to be perfect.

  • Jan

    So happy that everything has worked out so well, lovely to see the goat boys so relaxed and happy, it looks a lovely setting. I always enter your facebook page via HenCam and the goats were out in the snow still 🙂

  • Vicki Rankin

    I’m so glad to see the goat boys again, and to know that they are happy in their golden years. I love that you can visit them and they have goat friends to rely on for the future. Even Tonka benefits from this arrangement! Yep, looks like your best laid plans have worked out perfectly. Thanks for letting us know.

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