Fashion Fail/ Fashion Forward

By Terry Golson

This face mask makes me look like a court jester!


Much better.


In all seriousness, fly masks can be a life-changer for a horse. They keep the biting and annoying insects out of ears and eyes. For horses with white pigment around the eyes, they can literally save your horse’s sight.

Tonka knows that turnout is more pleasant with his mask on. I can tell by how he looks at the mask and at me when I reach towards him with it.

Like all gear, it needs to fit and be kept clean. I bought that mask in the top photo on sale last year in winter. It was an inexpensive purchase off-season. It was in his size, was an upscale brand, and looked comfy with the fleecy trim. But when I put this bargain on him this springtime, it no longer seemed like such a great deal. The mask was too wide on the poll, and those ears! So long. Tonka has short, squat Paint Horse ears which that mask somehow squashed down and sideways. I knew that it was more than simply a fashion fail when Tonka didn’t want me to put it on him. So I splurged on the

that I know fits my horse, and I splurged on the snazzy blue trim (even with horses you have to pay extra for fashion.) Worth every penny.

note: Tonka moved to the new barn this week, and I move to my new home in a few days. Life is a tad hectic right now. Tonka’s move has gone very well. I’ll report on that next week!

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