A Goat Interlude

By Terry Golson

I’ve got lots of serious blogpost topics swirling around in my brain. But it’s Monday. My first cup of coffee hasn’t done it’s job. I have a client to go see. Yoga to do first (trust me, that’s not my moment of meditative joy!) So, I’ve decided to blog something ridiculous and delightful to start the week.

My Goat Boys love the fall. It’s the bountiful food season. Candy drops from the trees. The Goat Maid, who, after months and months and other eons of time, finally stops chasing them away from the raspberry patch, and instead, enlists their help in pruning!

It seems as if life couldn’t get any better. But then it does. The Goat Maid makes fruit salad, and gives them the pineapple cores.

Bliss and glee. Few animals combine those two emotions as well as goats.

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