Barn Spa Treatments

By Terry Golson

French Manicure:

Barn Manicure:

Everyday I go to the “spa.” I get a daily manicure (illustrated above.) There’s also the facial: which is a dirt mask treatment, followed by a soothing baby wipe to the face. Applying ice to joints is known to be beneficial, which is no problem when tacking up horses in the winter! And now, with hot temperatures here, there’s the sweat wrap – applied while exercising – two treatments at the same time!

What spa treatments do you have at your barn? Let me know in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Barn Spa Treatments

  • Lizzie in Cornwall

    You’ve just brought tears (of laughter) rolling down my face (aka Moisturiser? Facial treatment?) and a chuckle (Laughter – the best medicine according to Readers Digest over the years!)
    Not to mention the raised eyebrows when I saw the first photo and thought: “Well! Terry has changed places with a fashion model!”

  • nikki negera

    I much prefer the second photo. Short nails = work done.
    My spa treatment every morning is ten minutes of sunblock application: primer, water resistant block, foundation. It’s very soothing, and lasts all day. As a landscaper, I need to take care of my face so it doesn’t look like an old saddle, and to avoid skin cancer.
    Keep up the great posts, Terry!

    • Terry Golson Post author

      Thank you for the reminder about sunblock. I bought a new tube, keep it in my truck, but need to use it more! How do you protect your hands?

  • Laura A

    Our horses actually go to the “spa” every 8 or 10 weeks. They are getting older (15 yo QH, and 19 yo POA), and in addition to lots of exercise, they get acuscope maintenance treatments to keep them comfortable and sound. When I first heard about accuscope, I was skeptical, but I’ve seen firsthand many horses, including my own, come back much quicker from season-ending injuries by getting intensive treatments. I’ve also now experienced it myself, having had treatments when I injured my LCL in my knee last year.

  • Chicken Carol

    I have found that since I have had chickens I always keep my nails super short (long nails are a long gone thing of the past) and yet they still get dirt under them. Oh well, small price to pay. You made me smile.

  • Gin

    There is always the foot mud bath treatment when your boots get sucked off your feet in the barn lot.

  • Tracy

    There’s the “cold tub” treatment… for several summers, I taught riding at an upstate NY summer riding program. At one end of the largest outdoor arenas was a huge, old white enameled bathtub used as a trough. It was scrubbed every morning and filled with fresh water. On the hottest days, when temps were in the 90s, I would stand or even sit smack in the middle while I gave lessons. And yes, occasionally, I got to check whether a bridle fitted properly when one of the horses came in close for a drink, but at 90 degrees, I was more than willing to share. Hey, I’m not proud, just reporting! Better than fainting…

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