Dinner Time

By Terry Golson

The horses have been out all day with their friends. While in their paddocks, their hay nets have been filled twice. They’re brought inside late afternoon. There’s more hay waiting for them. They’re not desperately hungry, but that doesn’t matter. The arrival of the dinner buckets is eagerly anticipated. It’s like dessert. I, for one, always get excited about pie, no matter how full I am. It’s the same for Tonka.

As the hour of 4 pm nears, he watches the aisle.



Maggie hears Kelsie and nickers in greeting. This is why I love being in the barn at dinner time. What a lovely sound.


Tonka gets into position.



Here are the buckets!



And now there are the sounds of crunching and munching.


Then you hear the horses chewing hay. This video is a little longer, because, really, listening to horses eat is always a good way to spend your time.

6 thoughts on “Dinner Time

  • Jan

    Great blogs, just been catching up, the video’s are brilliant. My Girls always have a small amount of mixed corn before bedtime in the winter and from late afternoon they come right up to the fence and strut around calling if I am late. News update;- We have had major outbreaks of avian flu in UK again, having to restrict girls to areas that are covered since before xmas and at least till end of Feb, keeping fingers crossed no problems. Jess has managed to get her work experience release from school working in a local stables, she is really pleased with this, also she works sat and sun mornings at another stables grooming and mucking out….:)

  • nuri

    Thanks for the treat, it was deliciously delightful (and I’ve already helped myself to seconds;-))!

  • Kathryn

    My goodness – I so enjoy your blog (actually, I think I would enjoy anything you care to write about).
    I started with your chicken blog and now are hocked on you cooperative horse blog – I no longer have chickens and never a horse, but I do appreciate your contributions to the web-world! I think you need a coffee!!! and something for Tonka!

    • Terry Golson Post author

      So glad you’ve followed my writing to here! Thank you for the peppermints and the coffee! I’m drinking a cup now while I catch up on emails. Tonka is ALWAYS grateful for peppermints.

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