Staying Mentally in the Plus Column

By Terry Golson

This has not been a good morning. At 8 a.m. I had a flat-to-the-rim tire. Steve had to cancel a phone meeting to come and help. He tried to change the tire to the spare, but the flat wouldn’t budge. Perhaps the wheel was damaged? This was in 20° F weather. We called a tow truck.

On the plus side, when I got the flat I was driving to the car dealership for my truck’s routine service and tire rotation, so they already had time slotted for the repair! Also in the positive column is that I’d bought this set of tires from them a few months ago, so it’s under warranty. Whew! Also to be appreciated is that today is Tonka’s day off, so that I didn’t have to miss scheduled barn time.

Despite looking at the bright side, it was still a not very good morning, so I thought I’d post some good stuff in my blog to reset my perspective.

Here. Look at this head. Just gazing at this photo erases some of this morning’s frustration.


2020 has been a good year for my horse. Look at that calm and content countenance. (Isn’t it great when I can write such alliteration and it doesn’t sound affected?)


Tonka has been having a blast learning a new sport. (Steph says we can start raising the jump height.)


A bonus has been that this fall the foliage has been particularly beautiful and the weather has been mostly excellent. We’ve been getting out. I’ve been able to trailer Tonka home to Turtle Hill. His athleticism has improved and he’s now able to stay balanced at the trot and canter on hills.


After riding, Tonka likes to take his good friend, Steve, for walks. Here he’s leading Steve into the woods.


Tonka takes Steve to his special spot near the North Point. I don’t quite understand this. I guess it’s a guy buddy thing. But it’s so sweet!


If thinking about my horse doesn’t quite nullify this morning’s saga, I can think about my neighbors. Like Po.


And, it’s pie baking season. This is rhubarb and blueberry custard pie.


There! I think that my brain is back in the plus column.

How’s your day going?

12 thoughts on “Staying Mentally in the Plus Column

  • Louise Hornor

    I had the sad news that a friend had to put her kitty down today, and it really through me for a loop. But then the mail arrived and another friend had sent me some beautiful fabric. Now the sky is pinky purple and dinner is being delivered. And I got to read about the Tonka-Steve bromance and I’m content.

    • Terry Golson Post author

      That is sad news. Isn’t it nice when there’s a package with a tangible affirmation of friendship in it? “Bromance” – that’s the term!

  • Daisy

    That’s exactly what we need to do, focus on the good rather than… glad it worked so well for you with Tonka and hubby your greatest + while Scooter is snoozing in the sun with no problem at all LOL
    Wonderful to see that pie, I’ve been wondering about your pie party a few days ago, hope some of your friends can make it.
    And specially at this time when so much is going on, Thanksgiving is still that wonderful moment of the year when one stops and remember of all the good things he has to be grateful for.

    • Terry Golson Post author

      For the first time in a decade, the Pie Party is cancelled. I have baked and shipped pies to my sons. I’ve had individuals over to eat pie while sitting on my porch. It’s far from the same, but there’s still pie!

  • Tracy

    Every time I start to grumble about…anything…I switch right over to a grateful mindset. I am so grateful for so, so many things and the list gets longer every day. Snaps me right out of it and it’s a much more enjoyable place to be in one’s head. I do believe that happiness is a choice.

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