The Barn Will Reopen Soon!

By Terry Golson

I last saw Tonka on March 25 when the state of Maine closed things down. We boarders were considered “non-essential.” For the first few weeks we certainly were.

The owners of the barn know how crushing it is to be cut-off from my horse. I got a few photos to reassure me that Tonka was alive and well (albeit, as expected, manure-stained.)


Then they went a step better and installed a cam! I’ve been able to peek in to see my horse live. This has been a balm to me.


Tonka looks fine. I think he looks bored, but maybe I’m projecting my own mood onto him.

As time goes on, the horses need more than to be fed and watered and attended to by the staff. We might not be “essential” but we’re a big part of keeping the horses exercised, groomed and happy. The crisis here is easing up, and the barn owners have come up with a prudent plan to let the boarders return. The barn reopens to boarders on May 2.

We are using a scheduling app. Six people will be allowed on property at a time, and only four in the indoor. We’re asked to take our temperatures before arriving, and if there’s even a glimmer of illness to please stay away. Time in the tack room should be short, and visitors aren’t allowed. Face masks are advised. I’m 61 years old, so I’m in a more at-risk category than the teenagers. I’ll be keeping my gear in my truck, grooming and tacking up in the stall, and wearing a face mask and gloves. (I know the face mask protects others more than myself, but it still makes me feel like I’m doing something.)

I’m also planning on trailering out to ride – if the weather and bugs cooperate, at least twice weekly. More on that, and my fitness plan for Tonka, in the next blog!

13 thoughts on “The Barn Will Reopen Soon!

  • Laura Allemand

    So happy for you! I know you miss Tonka and your horse life. In my ongoing quest of trying to see the bright side of this whole thing, I realize that sometimes horses need a vacation just like we do. So I’ll just have to keep that in mind when my mare has decided it’s much more fun to be a pasture potato than to work hard. Here’s hoping Tonka doesn’t feel the same way.

  • Jan

    So pleased for you, Tonka will be so happy to see you. Do horses sulk?? 🙂 We have just been told at least another 4 weeks of lockdown 🙁 Hoping they can get it sorted soon, stay safe.

  • Daisy

    So happy for you and Tonka and so great they installed cam.
    As you say, you will feel like doing something worthwhile and that is a big plus in passing through this sad period.

    Looking forward to see new pictures of Tonka in a very near future.
    Also thanks for the peaceful moments you provide for us, enjoying them a lot.

    Easier times seem to be ahead and more happiness in your life. Take care.

    • Terry Golson Post author

      I’ll keep posting those moment of serenity in Maine – the barn will open, but life is far from what was normal! It helps to keep a focus on the small good things.

  • Gin

    Good news Terry, in more ways than one. Good that the
    crisis is easing up there. I think Tonka is probably bored and will be glad to see you and go trail riding.

  • Stephanie

    Hi Terry
    It will be interesting to see how he responds to the mask. Hope he doesn’t freak out….they ARE scary!

    • Terry Golson Post author

      Excellent comment. Masks are a challenge for dog owners, especially for those with reactive dogs. People need to not take the change in appearance for granted. If Tonka is at all worried, I’ll do some counter-conditioning so that he likes seeing me in the mask.

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