Marsh Time

By Terry Golson

Last night, after two days without barn and horse time, I was feeling adrift and knew that it would only get worse if I didn’t figure out how to maximize the other good things in my life while that one BIG THING is on sabbatical. To that end, when I woke up early this morning, I made a cup of coffee and took it outside. I walked down to the marsh.

Movement, first thing in the day, sets me into a better frame of mind. Movement towards this view is icing on the cake. Look at that morning light!


Underfoot there was a hard frost. This is wild wintergreen. As I walked, the faint smell of it reached me.


I wasn’t the only one awake. Listen to this. Geese. Birds in the trees at the edge of the field.


I’m grateful that my realtor located this place for us. I never would have found it on my own. We’ve remained friends, and Tiff tells me that this was it. She hasn’t seen a comparable property before or since. When I toured it last winter, it had been on the market for a year. The house had a weird interior which I guess made other buyers shy away. I could imagine the potential. We hired a builder who is still working on it. Worth it. Especially now that I have many more days without horse time. I can get through them, sanity intact, here, at Turtle Hill.

What are you doing when you wake up to set your day on a good course?

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8 thoughts on “Marsh Time

  • Michelle McMillen

    My days continue mostly as before. Get up, take care of the puppy, stoke the fire, do barn chores, check email/etc., tackle household or yard chores…. So glad to have my horses at home; haven’t had opportunity or suitable horse to take lessons in ages so no loss there.

    • Terry Golson Post author

      My day isn’t that much different *except* for that gaping hole when I’d go to the barn. Enjoy your animals. I know your new horse is keeping you busy 🙂

  • Jan

    Our bedroom has a huge picture window that overlooks garden, so I get up let chickens out, feed the wild birds then make cup of tea and go back to bed to drink it and watch all the birds having their breakfast, then get up and have ours. I have already done 2 weeks as family made me stay in earlier because of vulnerability, now have about another 12 weeks. Miss going shopping and seeing family, garden and house keeping us busy at moment, but only so much gardening and cleaning you can do. My Girls and cat keep us company. Family phone us and one of them puts shopping on doorstep but not the same 🙁 But need to think ourselves lucky for having a garden to go out in and family for support. Turtle Hill is an amazing place with lots more still to uncover, thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • Terry Golson Post author

      There’s also a dark blue with off-white dots, which I love even more, but was too dramatic for that space. My builder sent me to a flooring store in a decrepit strip mall. I was dubious, but inside, they had the best selection and great staff! Portsmouth Quality Flooring.

  • Rebecca Stedman

    Spring has sprung here in Gatlinburg TN. It is sad though whole town shut down. We know this is how it has to be. The National Park is locked down you cannot even walk the trails. Spring is such a beautiful time here it is like a wonderland of flowering trees, wildflowers, mama bears coming out of hibernation with little ones and so much more. It is hard to wrap ones head around this but this too will pass. I am thankful to see what is around me, hear the birds singing, hear the rushing waters of the river across our road, and see the turkeys strutting around fanning.
    Love seeing your beautiful world of nature at Turtle Hill. It is good to have a happy place.

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