January Thaw

By Terry Golson

It’s been grey, cold and dank. January weather.


Then it poured rain and sleeted, which saturated the snow and turned everything into slush and then crust. The last few days, though, we’ve had a respite. Above freezing temps for at least part of the day. The paddocks went from ice to mud. It’s called a January thaw and you expect it. Some of us would rather not see the thaw. Winter mud is the worst.

But today was glorious. Full sun! The field was saturated with melted snow. It’s not rideable, but a calm horse like Tonka could have a graze.


It made him a very happy horse.


He selected just the right blades of grass.


There are few things as satisfying as spending an unexpectedly sunny day standing in the field with your grazing friend. It was still so cold that I had to wear a couple of layers of jackets and a hat and gloves, but the sun (and my horse’s company) warmed me to the core. Have you had a moment like this this winter? Tell me about it in the comments!


(Like the

? It’s a breakaway by Kensington. I only use breakaway halters.)

6 thoughts on “January Thaw

  • Jan

    We have had 4 months of rain and not showing any let up, last week we had 2 days with some sun but there is just water everywhere, roll on summer. Tom’s pony Toby got his blood results back and given all clear which was a great relief. Enjoy your sunshine 🙂

  • Julie Lonnberg

    Exactly! Sharing my horse’s delight in a bit of freshly revealed winter grass = pure happiness.

  • Kathryn Pinkney

    I don’t know anything about halters, but I do know color and design. The gold-ish metal with the blue and variegated blue is right on trend. Combining those colors on a black/white horse is fantastic. Your Tonka is a great inspiration for any interior space!

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