Slow On The Driveway

By Terry Golson

This is the view from the causeway of my driveway in Maine.


It’s a different sort of beautiful everyday. Enough to make one slow down and look.

But I’ve got things to slow down for besides admiring that sky. I’ve got to keep my eyes on the road. The snapping turtle crossing from the marsh on one side to the reservoir on the other, hustled when they saw my truck, but this painted turtle took their time. I got out, picked it up (gently by the edges, and held it well away from me while it peed) and set it down safely in the grass in the direction that it was going.


It’s not only the obvious creatures one has to slow down for.


Swallowtail butterflies drink in the puddles. I drive very slowly so that they have time to fly off.

They’re never in a rush. So I can’t be either.


(Just curious – most of my blog readers come to my page for the horse information. Are these Maine wildlife posts a welcome diversion or something you’d rather not see in your blog feed? Let me know and be honest!)

64 thoughts on “Slow On The Driveway

  • Elaine Horemans

    I love it all! Btw those are giant swallowtail butterflies not monarchs. Just as beautiful though!

  • Robin

    I’m enjoying the wildlife posts. 🙂 I don’t have a horse, but I enjoy learning about horses and human/mammal interactions in general. I always appreciate insights into how animals think, and reading what truly kind-to-animals (and respectful-to-animals) people have to say.

  • lesley stacey

    I love it all. Anything nature related intrigues me. Thanks for asking but please keep doing what you are doing. 🙂

  • April

    I began following this blog when the one at HenCam closed, simply because I enjoy your writing style. While I am not a horsewoman I enjoy all of the topics you cover.

  • Karen Pryor

    Terry, you now live in an environment rich in wildlife, from birds to bugs to (probably) bears.
    Do share pictures of all the species, down to insects, that you find interesting in your dramatic landscape!

  • Laura A

    I started following your hen blog to learn more about our chickens, was thrilled when you moved on to horses as I am always looking for new techniques to strengthen my bond with my horses, and am loving the nature mixed in to see how the other side lives (quite literally – we are in California). Love it all. You are a women after my own heart!

  • Louise

    Another vote for keeping the wildlife posts! I really enjoy your respectful, loving thoughts about all animals, even when they are peeing on you 🙂

  • Daisy

    I love Nature and enjoy all of Her kingdoms. I do welcome your message whatever the topic you share, great photography and personal comments. It’s a great way to learn and sometimes broaden one’s view. Do continue to share all dimensions of your wonderful new life 🙂 Thanks so much !

  • Julie Lonnberg

    I love the Maine wildlife posts! They’ll be saved for re-reading, right along with your training posts. Thank you!

  • Rebecca Stedman

    So happy to read every kernel of your thoughts. Began the journey with the farm, then with Tonka and now your move to Maine. Please continue to share your move to Maine stories. When we moved from Michigan to the The Great Smoky Mountains it was so exciting to be living along with amazing wildlife, flora, and fauna. I live vicariously through your adventures. I too am learning so much about horses….never to old to learn something new. Enjoy your new paradise! Hugs & Pets to Scooter❣️

  • Suzette Dybiec

    Ah, so good to be reminded to slow down and look at the butterflys and beautiful landscape. Thank you for that and all your posts. Very helpful.

    • Terry Golson Post author

      I’ll share more landscape photos. The view from the front of my house is special. Even the delivery guys get out of their trucks and enjoy it before putting down the packages!

  • Judy Throm

    Oh my Terry, I love all your stories of the flora and fauna, and the photographs are enchanting. (Today I learned that pigs chatter their teeth to say “no closer please” and the clouds in your driveway/causeway photo today are beautiful!) And I love hearing about Tonka and Scooter, even though I’ve never been around horses and and am down to one old “previously owned” cat – nonetheless…

  • Lizzie in Cornwall

    Ditto to all of the above comments! Thanks for sharing your joy in your new surroundings, Terry.
    It’s infectious!

      • Lizzie in Cornwall

        I count my blessings every day and one of them is that I was born, raised and was able to move back to live in the lovely part of the world that is Cornwall! 🙂

    • Terry Golson Post author

      I’m sure the stories will contain more drama. Steve almost walked into a family of skunks the other night. And there are bears. Which we haven’t seen. Yet.

  • Mona

    Please don’t stop posting about your home, your cooking, and your fabulous views. I love all that you have to say. When I was young, I was into the Western riding scene, barrel racing, team roping, cutting. I love all the horse sports even though I don’t own horses today. I love to read about your relationship with Tonka. I have chickens because of your blog, The Hen Blog. I refer to it all the time any time I have a question about my girls. Please keep posting on all the subjects that are dear to you. Thank you for sharing with your readers. Mona, from sunny California

  • Shelley Combs

    I absolutely love seeing posts about your new life in Maine! Keep ’em coming!

    • Terry Golson Post author

      I’ll need to learn a lot more about what I’m seeing here in order to share. I’ve already taken out a bunch of books from the library. This is a good excuse to delve into it.

  • Jan

    Have been reading your posts for years and love them all, please keep them coming. Update on Jess, see has managed to get a flexi time job working at a local stud farm which she is enjoying and fits in with her exams 🙂

  • Camille Jacobs-Schubert

    I haven’t been on the back of a horse for nearly 20 years but I do love all your posts Terry….horse, nature or otherwise. You are an excellent writer and a pleasure to read. I must admit I still occasionally wonder how the “beast” and her minions are doing along with the goat boys. Please give that Scooter a nice pat from me.

    • Terry Golson Post author

      I heard from the new owner of our house, and they are thoroughly enjoying the hens, the rabbit and the koi. The goats are near my home and are having much fun exploring their new farm and meeting all the new animals.

  • Michelle Bianco

    I love these diversions!! The pictures and your thoughts are always inspiring to me 🙂 Sometimes an unexpected but refreshing stop to look at the world around us is just enough to reset my mind after a tough day!!

    • Terry Golson Post author

      It does help alleviate the stress when we stop and look and appreciate, doesn’t it? Sometimes it takes someone else (like me and my blog) to help you to remember to do it 🙂

  • Vicki Rankin

    I love the flora and fauna stories and pics! This post reminds me that when I was small, mom told me when she was a girl there were fireflies in our home town of Los Angeles. She was born in 1917, so…a very long time ago. They were gone by the time I came along. Sorry to say, I’ve never seen one.

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