By Terry Golson

When I arrived at the barn this afternoon, the ground was frozen hard. Tonka was way out back in the furthest paddock, and he was on the far side of that.

He came when I called. (Here’s how to train a horse to come.)


Honestly, he doesn’t always have such a great recall from a distance, but it was nearing dinner time and he was ready to come in.

He looks so healthy, shiny and clean, doesn’t he?

Do you know those dishwasher magnets that flip from “clean” to “dirty” so you know the status of what’s inside? My horse decided to make himself into a very big one.




The photo doesn’t do the dirty side justice. There is caked mud up the mane and into the ears.

If this were the summer, there’d be dirt on both sides. But I guess that rolling in almost frozen mud is only fun for a short while.

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