Icelandic Horses And The Wind

By Terry Golson

Icelandic horses have, over a thousand years, adapted to the landscape.

There’s a lot to adapt to. Dark winters. Snow. Ice. Rain.



Icelandic horses are stout, sturdy, have thick coats, and those hindquarters are sloped for a reason – rain and snow sheets off. There is little in the way of shelter. You simply tuck your tail to the wind and hunker down.


Still, it helps to face the elements with a friend.


Or, if you’re new to this world, stick with your mamma.


Preferably as close as you can get.

10 thoughts on “Icelandic Horses And The Wind

  • Elisa Smith

    You would think the foal would stand in front of mom to be better protected from the wind. Maybe its a first time mom 😉 Hope you are having fun! I went there in 1977 and it was fabulous!

  • Jan

    Great pics and video, if I was the little one I would go and stand at the front !! Jess loved the horses and really wanted to go riding but just not possible, hopefully next time. Also please wish Steve Happy Birthday and thankyou for keeping web cams going. Its interesting watching all the little bright eyes running around at night and trying to work out what they are. 🙂

  • Lizzie in Cornwall

    Hi there!
    Iceland! Aka Windland!
    What a contrast to the wonderful Fall colours we’ve just enjoyed watching – BBC Autumn Watch is coming from New England this year!
    Stunning! And the wildlife!!! Wow!

  • Jan

    Hi Terry, sorry of blog but just had to tell you that for 4 nights this week our usual BBC Autumnwatch series is being filmed from New England. They are based in Holderness on the edge of Squam Lake in New Hampshire. It is amazing to see all the wonderful colours and the different wildlife that you have, seems so untamed when you see Bears, Moose and Cougars just going about their lives. You really live in a wonderful part of the world. 🙂

    • Terry Golson Post author

      This is a special part of the world, especially this time of year. And there is wildlife! I live 30 miles from Boston, and there are black bears here.

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