How To Have Fun At A Show (Horse’s Perspective)

By Terry Golson

Tonka truly enjoys going to horse shows. He asked to write a guest blogpost about how to make these excursions fun.

  1. When you arrive, announce your presence as loudly as possible. This makes the show more of a party. Then go back to eating your hay. What’s a party without good food?

  2. Train your owner that you don’t need to be drilled during your warmup. Simply loosen up.

  3. When you ride past the judges, perk up and look cute. That makes the humans happy. When the humans are happy, you’re happy. Then, when you do your dressage test, do your job. Take pride in your work!

  4. Don’t let your human eat alone. If you have to, try something new, like strawberries.

  5. Greet everyone gently, and they’ll be gentle back.

  6. Find the best clover and stay awhile.

  7. Go for a walk with your human. Look around. You’re a horse! We’re curious!

  8. Ignore your human when she wants to pose with your ribbon. She secretly likes that.


A big thank you to Michele, for helping the human on this trip, and for taking photos.

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