Barn Talk

By Terry Golson

Tonka lives in a barn with six other horses. They each have their own roomy box stall. They spend their days, solo, in spacious grass paddocks. Tonka likes individual turnout. In the past, he’s been kept in groups, and in pairs, but he’s never been fully comfortable. Tonka has issues sharing his space.

But he’s very happy to make friends over fences.


He knows all of the horses at his barn. They chat.

Ears flick, eyes roll, heads turn.

I’m sure there’s information being passed back and forth that I’m too human-dull to be aware of. Pheremones, odors, breaths, sighs, shifts of weight. There’s rich conversation going on here.

The other six horses are very large warmbloods. They can hang their heads over their doors. Tonka is a peanut compared to them. He rests his nose on the shelf. But he still takes part in the confabs.



Barn talk.

3 thoughts on “Barn Talk

  • Michelle

    Looks like Tonka landed in a tub of butter! And I love the idea of those shelves; keeps the horses from grabbing their blankets and gives a place to put things when grooming, feeding or medicating.

  • Jan

    Looks like a wonderful place, so glad Tonka has settled in okay. Jess is having a great time where she goes now. Loving the Shetlands and the racing ponies, she has been to three shows already this year. She is meant to be on study leave for her exams but keeps going to the horses instead !! Will Tonka be fit enough for your dressage shows this year, I hope so 🙂

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