Horse Snow Play

By Terry Golson

Today I tried to get to the barn ahead of the nor’easter (which around here is what we call a serious storm with wind and precipitation.) By the time Tonka and I had finished our ride, the snow was coming down.

I stopped outside of the arena to take a photo of Tonka. I thought it’d be pretty – black horse, red building, white snow.

Tonka thought it’d be fun to catch snowflakes with his tongue.


He then deigned to pose. Briefly. This was nice but the background wasn’t ideal.

However, the wind and snow picked up and I decided not to keep trying for that perfect shot.

Tonka gave me one more goofy look, and we headed back to the barn.

Predictions vary as to how bad this storm will be. The snowfall is supposed to be very heavy tomorrow. I’m already holed up at home. I’m working on a more serious blogpost for later this week, but because I’m stuck indoors, and in front of the computer, and sorting through photos, I thought I’d share his silly faces with you. Let me know if you like these quick posts – I’ll do more of them! On the other hand, maybe yet more photos of Tonka are overload, and you’d rather I stick to one blog a week? Be honest. I know that I’m no judge as to whether there are too many Tonka photos!

24 thoughts on “Horse Snow Play

  • Kim

    I always enjoy reading about your time with Tonka and seeing him through your pictures. I did the same thing during the last storm. I thought “black horse, bright blue blanket and white snow”, and away I snapped! Here on the Maine coast, we are hoping for less beach erosion than we had last week. We shall see what the morning brings!

      • Kim

        We may try for sometime in April. There is only a small window before it gets busy, and of course horses are prohibited from mid-May until the end of September. You always have an open invitation to join us!

  • Lizzie in Cornwall

    Now be serious, Terry… Can there ever be too many photos of that gorgeous cheeky horse of yours? Answer: no! Just keep them coming!

    We’ve just had our first ‘proper’ snow in several years in Cornwall. Great excitement for young and not-so-young (me included!)
    But we were lucky, it was all gone in about 3 days and now Spring is well and truly sprung!
    There are many parts of the UK which are struggling though.
    Stay safe!

    • Terry Golson Post author

      We’ve heard about the UK snow here in the States. It’s always more challenging to deal with when you’re not used to it. There’s a reason that our stores stock snow shovels. Just regular shovels won’t do.

  • Nikki

    There is no such thing as too many Tonka photos. Keep them coming, as well as your quick posts. They’re fun to read!

  • Deb

    Too many Tonka pics? Sometimes I’m disappointed there’s not a beefy blog to learn from and think about, but a happy “this is my life “ share is always good and sometimes just what is needed to remember to count our blessings.

    Always grateful to read your work. Thank you.

    • Terry Golson Post author

      I’m happy that you like the “beefy”blogs. They take me hours to write, and knowing that they reach an appreciative audience makes the work worthwhile.

  • Gin

    I like all your posts, it’s nice just to see something quick with Tonka’s pictures and not have to do any real thinking. Could there ever be too many horse pictures?

  • Chicken Carol

    I think a short post and a few photos is better than no post at all and so I see it as an added bonus. I love all your posts, long or short and NO there could never never be too many photos of Tonker. Loved this post and the photos of that adorable face.

  • Jan

    Any post about anything is most welcome, love being able to have an insight into another way of life. Enjoy seeing pics of all the animals. Keep them coming. Keep safe and warm. 🙂

  • Gin

    I just went to hencam when I read your post about having quite a storm. You did get a lot of snow. Someone was out there shoveling the chicken pen. Hope the roads are clear so you can go see Tonka.

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