Snow Day

By Terry Golson

I was all set to write a training-theory filled blog today, but the weather report looked vile. It wasn’t the anticipated few inches of snow, but rather it was the freezing rain to follow that changed my plans. Instead of sitting at my computer this morning, I headed out to the barn, early enough to avoid the dangerous conditions on the roads that were sure to happen after lunchtime.

I’m still working on that serious blogpost, and it’ll be done later this week, but here are a few filler photos just for fun. I pulled it together after I got home, and after I had cleared a path to my own little barns and shoveled the Goat Boys’ patio (heaven forbid they should have to stand on top of the white stuff!)

It is snowing, but we are on the waning side of winter. I know, because Tonka is shedding.


Tonka never grows much of a fur coat. He remains sleek and requires blanketing all winter. And yet, come shedding season, his fur flies in abundance!

The horses were turned out in the morning, but standing around in an icy paddock isn’t really much exercise. I like him to get at least two miles of moving under saddle in daily. That’s barely a dent in what a horse can and should do, but it’s a challenge to achieve when you’re restricted to going around and around an indoor arena. I use a phone app to track my ride to stay motivated and accountable. Today we did 2.3 miles.  Exercise always improves both of our moods. Doesn’t he look self-satisfied after our ride?


Finally, here is a photo of his snowy nosey. Because, really. How can that not make everyone a tiny bit happier?

If you’re still in the doldrums, take a look at my Instagram feed. I posted a full minute of Tonka sloppily, slurpily, eating his dinner. It’s a happy-making moment.

I feel better having written this. Now I’m off to shovel the walkways. Now, in the late afternoon, it’s freezing wet slush. But a good morning with my horse (and some hot cocoa) has fueled me through until evening.

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