Tonka, Breyer Model?

By Terry Golson

I think that Tonka has been moonlighting as a Breyer Horse model.

Yesterday I was in a tack store and spotted this:


I believe that this photo shows Tonka practicing for the artist:

Tonka does have cutting horse in his pedigree, but the moment captured in this photo Tonka is not heading for cows. He’s wheeling around to come to me. It’d be fun, though, to attend a working cattle clinic. Think I could do it in my dressage saddle?

6 thoughts on “Tonka, Breyer Model?

  • Laura A

    You should absolutely go play with some cows – you might want to borrow a saddle though!! My daughter’s and my passion has always been Gymkhana, but my daughter has decided that this weekend she wants to go to a schooling jumping show. She found an English saddle to borrow and is going to give it a try. Her pony is definitely willing, so why not! She says she’ll look like a western rider in an English saddle, but who cares so long as you and your horse are having fun! I think most horses love to try new things with their partner, as long as they trust us, and are having a good time!

  • Tracy

    Nope, Tonka’s head is prettier than his plastic doppelganger’s. He is, however, perfectly built for working cattle!

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