Tonka Update

By Terry Golson

Tonka is back home. The diagnostic exams at Tufts identified the area of inflammation – his sacroiliac joint. It’s been treated, and he’ll be fine!

There’s lots to tell you about, but right now, we’re getting ready for Halloween. I’ve got two fun posts for you about that coming up in the next couple of days. Then there will be a full health report at the end of the week.


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7 thoughts on “Tonka Update

  • Lizzie in Cornwall

    So, so pleased that the cause is found and treatable! Phew! It’s been a worrying time for you, Terry… but happy days ahead!

  • Gin

    So glad Tonka’s problem is treatable. That is an excellent picture of Tonka. It would make a really good portrait for some artist who knows how to do horses.

  • debra odom

    I attended a three day symposium on Biomechanics for dressage horses this past weekend presented by Dr. Gerd Heuschmann (DVM). He talked at length how to help dressage horses, in particular, not be stressed and locked up in their poll and sacroiliac. He also demonstrated with ridden horses. It was really so informative and interesting. If you are not familiar with his work, you might find it interesting and helpful. His entire goal, as I interpreted it, is to help horses do their job and fulfill our expectations, in a way that they are comfortable, and will be healthy long term.