Further Diagnosis

By Terry Golson

The findings from the X-rays came back and it’s not great news. Tonka has damage to two vertebral joints, one of which is where the nerves exit the spinal column and go down to the front legs. So, on Friday I trailer him to Tufts Cummings Veterinary Medical Center. It’s only an hour away and they have state of the art imaging machines, as well as veterinarians who are experts in exactly the sort of issues that Tonka is presenting.

In the meanwhile, I still get to see this view along Tonka’s op-art neck. Look closely and you’ll see periwinkle flowers dotting the leaf litter on the forest floor.


I’m very worried, but I do have distractions. On Monday, I arrived at a client’s barn just in time to watch this buckling being born.


I hope that everyone’s Mother’s Day is peaceful and filled with love.

10 thoughts on “Further Diagnosis

  • Tori McKee

    Oh, Tonka! Poor fella. I hope the experts can come up with a great solution for him!

  • Kim

    Happy Mother’s Day Terry. I’ll be thinking about you and Tonka on Friday. Best wishes for an easy resolution to his injury.

  • Gladys M.

    Sorry to hear of Tonka’s problems but look at the bright side. You are intuitive enough to have realized something was going on and therefore didn’t push him to cause more injury. You also have quite the world class staff and equipment at Tufts and I think you are an excellent nurse. This summerI may involve playing nurse and physiotherapist but I bet in no time the two of you will be competing again. Here’s hoping your mother’s day gift is an excellent report from Tufts. Gladys

  • Jan

    Our thoughts are with you and Tonka, all the best for Friday. Our Daughter has the same problem but hers is 3 vertebral at the top of the spinal column and cause problems with her shoulder and arms, it is to dangerous to operate so she takes pain killers but has also found that Turmeric powder has helped a lot and takes far less pills. Not sure if it could help Tonka but it has certainly helped our daughter. There is another ingredient she takes that helps the Turmeric work better but I cant remember what it is, will find out and let you know….:)

  • Tracy

    Terry, I’m so sorry about Tonk’s injury. (How on earth did he injure himself I wonder?) I’ll be so interested to hear what you learn and what the plan for him will be. He’s lucky to have you, your caring and attentive approach to him, and good solid stable management at your barn while he recovers. …and he’s still so purty, too! 😉

  • Jean Husson

    Tough news for both you and Tonka. I have had great help from Tufts on the small animal side, so hope you will find some good solutions.

  • Lisa Regensburger

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow. I hope everything works out for you and Tonka!

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