Mud-loving or Not

By Terry Golson

This time of year there’s freeze and thaw, snow and rain.

When the ground softens, many horses look like this:



Not Tonka. On the same day that Zephyr coated himself in mud, Tonka came out of the paddock his pristine, shiny self.


Tonka does love a good roll. But it has to be in dry, sandy soil. Like this.


It’s easy to brush off.

I didn’t know about Tonka’s proclivity for tidiness when I got him, but I sure appreciate it. It makes keeping his white parts white a lot easier.


Do you have a mud-loving horse (or other critter*) or one that prefers to stay clean? Tell me in the comments!

(*Of my two sons one reveled in squishy dirt and the other didn’t like the feel of it. It’s a personality thing. No judgements either way – but I sure did a lot more laundry for one of them!)

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