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By Terry Golson

After yesterday’s long post, I thought I’d do something fun and quick. But be forewarned – there’s a link that has the potential to take up a lot of your time!

Dover Saddlery is having their yearly photo contest and Steve entered three images. Being an engineer, the site itself made him grumpy – it’s poorly designed and the user interface makes him mumble under his breath – but it was a good excuse to pull out a few favorite photos and polish them up.

This one was entered in the black and white category:



Here Tonka and I are warming up for a dressage test. Before I ask him to gather himself in a more collected frame, we do this relaxed, get the kinks out, let’s enjoy ourselves, canter.

Each dressage test is ridden solo in a ring in front of a judge. This photo was taken when we were waiting for the ride before ours to finish. You can’t ever know what’s going on in your horse’s mind, all you can do is read body language, but doesn’t it look like Tonka is checking out the competition? This was entered in the barn scene/show prep division.



Lastly is this photo. Unlike the other two, it’s staged so I don’t think it’s as interesting, but Steve likes it because Tonka and I look so happy. We are.


Here’s the link to the photo contest. There are thousands of photographs entered. Enjoy looking!

A big thank you to Steve for traveling to the shows with me and being my groom and photographer. I wouldn’t be so calm and happy without his help.

5 thoughts on “Horse Photos

  • Tracy

    Each of us views photos through our individual filter or filters. When I look at these photos of Tonka, I see a rider kindly proportioned to his smaller size. I see a simple bridle with a gentle snaffle bit, well fitted. I see a well sized ear ‘snood’ to provide relief against summer insects. I see a a deep, thick, soft saddle pad to provide cushioning to Tonka’s back combined with a thinner, washable (probably cotton) pad to provide a sweat wicking layer. I see a carefully sized fleece girth pad to ensure he is even more comfortable. I see a horse whose small hooves are well trimmed and shod.

    I see a horse beautifully cared for and clearly well loved. Two partners who are relaxed and joyful in each others company. It’s a rare sight and it makes me happy.

    • Terry Golson Post author

      Thanks for noticing those details. I went through 3 saddles and several brands of pads and girths before finding what fit and made him comfortable. If Tonka doesn’t like a piece of tack, he tells me. I tried a new girth -supposedly one better suited to his conformation – and he wouldn’t go near the mounting block. He was quite polite about it in a stubborn mule sort of way. Simply wouldn’t budge. I got the message. Changed back the girth and he let me on.

  • Sue

    Steve is your groom!?!?!? So he’s the one responsible for Tonka’s beautiful row of braided knots?? The pictures are great–I think you truly lucked out in getting a black-and-white horse.

    • Terry Golson Post author

      Groom in the broader sense of the word 🙂 I do all of the actual grooming, braiding, tack cleaning, etc. But he holds Tonka at the show, which is huge. Fills water buckets! Keeps me from getting lost there and back!

  • Jan;

    I love black and white photo’s must be my age. Tonka’s probably thinking they don’t stand a chance. Great that Steve comes with you so nice to have the comradery as well as the help. Hope you win…:)

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