Baby Goats

By Terry Golson

I’m working on a blogpost about using the clicker and timing and how it can all go wrong (and right!) It takes hours of thought and word crafting to get a piece like that perfected before I’m ready to put it out there. So, while I’m working on that, here’s a post that requires almost no effort at all.


There. I’ve made you smile already.

One of my horse training students also has Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. One kidded in the wee hours this morning. Triplets.

Mama Clara and the two doelings and one buckling are all doing fine.



They’re not much more than three pounds apiece.

Look at the markings on this one. When curled up just so there’s a heart on her side.




This one will be staying on this farm forever. I think she already knows it.



The buckling will need a new home. I think that his markings are perfection. Look at how the black patches become brown further back. And that big black splotch on his nose! He looks like a jigsaw puzzle. Oh so adorable.


I go to this farm twice weekly to work with the owner and her horse. By the time I’m there on Thursday, the other doe will have given birth. A surfeit of cuteness.

I don’t need or want another goat, but it will take all of my willpower over the next few months to come home with an empty truck.

13 thoughts on “Baby Goats

  • Durbin Goodwin

    So this situation would be like me telling my husband I am just going to go look at the Golden Retriever puppies. He already knows one will be in my car upon my arrival home. So these little babies bring to mind one of my favorite expressions for something that is beyond cute. They are the bees knees. Show some will power Terry and pick only one. I am sure it would be a welcome addition to your clan. As usual, you have brightened up a dreary Monday.

      • Durbin Goodwin

        I have two Golden Retrievers. Reilly and Farley. Reilly turned 10 in January and Farley will be 7 in September. One is Red and the other very blonde. I also have a husky who is a rescue and then a little American Fox Hound. The Fox Hound just showed up at my doorstep one day looking starved, covered in ticks and a choker collar on with a padlock on it which had rubbed her neck raw. While I really did not want another dog, I just could not turn her away. I love all my dogs but my Goldens are my babies. The husky is really a cat pretending to be a dog and the hound is well a hound. Personally I go for the 65 pound lap dogs and endless dog hair.

  • Laura Allemand

    I think you need that amazing little buckling! He is pretty adorable, and I love the tri-colors. I never like to think about it, but sometimes you have to plan ahead, and I know you are pretty pragmatic about such things… Someday (a long time from now, hopefully!), one of your goats will probably depart before the other. Bringing in a youngster in now, that Pip and Caper can bond with, could help alleviate any loneliness that they might experience upon losing a brother. Just an excuse you could use for bringing home that cute little guy! And just imagine the antics the three of them could get into!!!

    • Terry Golson Post author

      I have thought about what will happen if I lose a goat. I have enough friends with excess goats that I could get one when the need arises. Right now I don’t have enough good pasture for more than the goat boys.

  • Jean Husson

    The condominium rules are saving me from myself. Too much. Maybe my delight in goats stems both from their contrariness and the fact that females are favored and males have to find benevolent homes.

  • Jan

    You have far more will power than me, I could not resist they are so adorable especially the
    buckling, It would be great if they could stay really small…:)

    Also so sorry to hear about Twiggy, she had a wonderful life and a dignified end with you.

  • Christine O.

    They are adorable. I already messed up with my chicken math when I went to get two chicks and came home with three so there is no way that my husband will let me get close to baby goats. I think he doesn’t know what he is missing in sheer cuteness overload.

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