Selfie With Horse

By Terry Golson

We’ve all taken selfies. Getting a decent photo of yourself is difficult enough; adding a second being to the shot complicates things. Why are selfies so popular anyway? There’s no way to get a flattering view when posing shoulder-to-shoulder with a friend while holding the camera at arm’s length – I always struggle to not just get a view up our noses. (Yes, I know that’s why a selfie stick was invented. I refuse to own one.)

Try taking a selfie with a horse.

Horses show affection by leaning their heads on their friends’ shoulders.



Isn’t it infuriating when you want to look attractive, but your friend makes faces?



Some friends hog the camera. (Maybe Tonka was showing off the scrape that Maggie gave him. She is serious about her personal space.)



Sometimes your friend can’t stay still for the photo session.



Oh well.

I think I’ll skip the selfies with horse and make it all about just Tonka. I’m more successful at those.