We’ve been fortunate in this rural state of Maine. We’re slowly and prudently getting out of our social isolation. My boarding barn is opening back up on Saturday. I asked if I could come earlier and move my gear into my truck. That way, I won’t have to spend much […]

Hello, Tonka!

By the time I’m back in the saddle, Tonka will have been sitting idly for 5 ½ weeks. I’ve been looking into the best way to return him to work. How much condition does a horse lose in just over a month of standing around? What’s safe to do and what […]

Bringing My Horse Back Into Work

I last saw Tonka on March 25 when the state of Maine closed things down. We boarders were considered “non-essential.” For the first few weeks we certainly were. The owners of the barn know how crushing it is to be cut-off from my horse. I got a few photos to […]

The Barn Will Reopen Soon!

Without my barn time I am unmoored. There is no substitute to being with my horse. Add to that the sad world news, and I could easily sink into a morass of inertia. Believe me, I’ve had my moments. But, honestly, depression is boring! I don’t want to stay in […]

Keeping Moving to Keep Going

I hiked 4.5 miles today. I saw ATV and mountain bike tracks. One human footprint. Heard one pileated woodpecker. Other than that, I had the woods to myself. I’m on a mission to find good trails to ride Tonka on. I’m also on a mission to get to know those […]

Finding My Way

Like much of the rest of the world, the last couple of weeks we’ve been recluses. This has made it blatantly clear how off-the-beaten path our house is. To get here one drives a mile down an unpaved road and then turns onto our private dirt road. The only cars […]

Trail Cam. Bobcats!

I started working on this blogpost before everything shut down. I haven’t seen my horse for nearly three weeks. It’s been almost impossible to sit at my keyboard and write about horse training while I’ve been homebound. However, I do much of my writing in my head before I type a […]

Training The Big Picture

It’s been two weeks since my boarding barn closed to all but essential workers. It seems like longer. I know I’m in a fortunate position. Financially I’ll be able to weather this downtime. I can afford my horse. I can afford to pay Steph (my jump trainer and one of […]

Riding Trails Found

I’ve been exercising using videos. Some cardio. Some easy yoga. I’ve tried at least a dozen YouTube channels and have checked out many others. The instructors are super upbeat, but there’s something they all do that is insidiously counterproductive to their optimistic you can do it tone. If only these […]

Turning Don’t Into Do