I know that this is my second blogpost in a row about the fall colors here, but that’s where the drama is! Some years the colors tend to brown, or a storm knocks off the leaves before their time. For trees to achieve optimum color the weather has to be […]

Peak Foliage From Horseback

When you think about autumn in New England, you think about fall foliage. The maples are the first to turn orange. Two weeks ago this branch was the harbinger of things to come.   Now whole trees are in glowing in yellows and reds. Here in Maine pine trees frame […]

Changing Colors

Today I shared an apple with Tonka.   After Tonka finished chewing and swallowing, he continued to lip smack and savor the moment.   Then Tonka licked my breeches. He wasn’t nudging me for more. He was being affectionate and thanking me.   Yes, I believe that sometimes animals are […]

Animals Say Thank You

Thinking that I’d put my white breeches away for good, I bought Tonka to be my trail horse. But it turned out that I missed the training and fine-tuned connection that I got through dressage. I knew that Tonka would benefit from the communication that we’d find through the training. […]

Training Hurdles From Dressage to Jumping

Turtle Hill is home to a porcupine that I have named Po. Most of the animals that we share this property with are only glancingly visible, but this summer Po chose to spend much of her time near the house. She enjoyed grazing on clover in the backyard and didn’t […]

Cleaning Up After Po

As I wrote about last time, heading away from home, especially without other horses for company, can be stressful for horses. Today dawned cloudy and still. It’s always less scary when the wind isn’t blowing things about. This would be a good opportunity to get Tonka off property, without Steve […]

Weather Prediction

Tonka and I don’t do this enough.   There are so many excuses. Weather. Lack of time. Biting insects. One obstacle to taking a casual walk in the woods has been that the trails off of Greystone (where I board Tonka) have been underwater. I believe that beaver expanded the […]

How We Stay Confident On A Walk Somewhere New

We are all finding our own ways to stay grounded and productive in this Covid world. It’s not easy. Here’s my contribution to your mental health. Noses. How about a pony nose to start your day?   Or Finn’s?   What about Tonka’s goof face?   Or Edison’s hello! whiskers? […]


I’m one of those people who attract stinging insects. If there’s a solo deer fly, and three people hiking, it will land on, and bite, me. If I walk past a yellow jacket nest I’ll generate the ire of the hive and they’ll attack. If there’s a paper wasp hunting […]

Deterring Wasps