There’s been a lot of frustration and disgruntlement (to put it mildly) about our horse sports’ governing bodies, but the FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale) has done something right. As of July of 2021 the FEI has ruled that it will be illegal for horses to compete at FEI events with […]

Yay for Horse Whiskers!

New works keep getting added to the sculpture garden at Turtle Hill.   Here’s a site tour:   The artists are active at night. Steve set up a cam so that we could watch them carve.   Each tree sculpture is unique and possesses its own beauty, but they are […]

Beaver Sculptors

I recently rode the elusive Skunk-maned Flying Reindeer. Here’s a view from the saddle:   Despite the weight of the antlers on this reindeer’s head, he could move out.   Perhaps the antlers help with balance when flying?   Reindeer are known to kick out to get the after-burners started. […]

Skunk-maned Flying Reindeer

Back in August Tonka went lame on his left front. Monika, our veterinarian, took a look and determined that the likely culprit was a sore coffin joint. (Read about that here.) We decided to try injecting it with a cocktail of drugs. It worked! Tonka moved happily once again. (This […]

Shoes for Coffin Joints

I’m writing this while a nor’easter blows through. Currently there’s a hard, cold rain pelting down. In a few hours it’ll turn into wet, heavy snow. But last weekend it was sunny and 40°F, which is remarkably good weather for southern Maine in the winter. I knew it might be […]

The Trail Less Traveled

I bought Tonka seven years ago, yesterday. Having him in my life has been better than I dreamed (and I dreamed a lot!) Every time that I go to the barn feels like a new gift. Simply put, this horse makes me happy. We’ve already done a lot together.   […]

7 Years!

This is the view from my house down to the marsh. Those big pine trees are on a hump of land that juts into the water. We call it the South Point.   We think it’s a beautiful part of the property. It has a mix of hardwood and pines. […]

The Farming Beaver

It rained all day on Thanksgiving. The horses were not turned out into their big paddocks, but Tonka has his in/out so at least he got to put his head outside. The barn was closed to boarders so that the staff could have most of the day off. We all […]

The Sanity Nugget

Thanksgiving isn’t following the usual script. Instead of a house filled with friends for my annual Pie Party, it’s just Steve and me. And Scooter. It’s cold and raining outside. It’s going to be one of these days.   Po had her Thanksgiving early. Around Halloween the supermarket had a big […]

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