Why I Board Podcast

By Terry Golson

Helena Harris has a podcast at the Horse Radio Network called Stall and Stable. Her main focus is giving advice to people who keep their horses home. She covers other topics, too, and it’s well worth subscribing to, even if, like me, you board your horse. Helena follows my blog and knows that because of where I keep Tonka, I’ve started jumping. She thought that an interesting episode would be for us to discuss why I board and how to know if you’re at a good place for you and your horse. It was a fun chat! Listen in here.

6 thoughts on “Why I Board Podcast

  • Daisy

    Great interview and so good to hear your voice. A great opportunity to review the last months and the transition from your former life in MA. Very positive and enthusiastic, so many changes brought improvement in your life on all levels and Tonka taking you slowly but surely in a new direction. Looking forward to what is coming and hope more people from the radio get to join your blog, they’re in for a treat ! Thanks for the wonderful opportunities and enjoy more and more as you progress…

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