It Was a Good Change

By Terry Golson

2019 was quite a year of change for me. Steve and I moved from our wonderful home in Massachusetts to an equally wonderful, but quite different, home in Maine. Instead of chickens in the backyard, we now have bald eagles hunting in the wetlands in our front yard. Instead of a large kitchen garden providing for my table, I have a field of wild blueberries to harvest.


This change came at the right moment in my life. I could no longer properly care for the property that we had, especially the gardens. I’ll leave it to the beavers, here, to do the major landscaping.


The Goat Boys, by the way, live only ten minutes up the road at a friend’s farm. We visit. They tell us that they are very happy with their new goat family and caretakers. (This is Pip, having a chat with Steve.)


Scooter, of course, did move to Maine with us. His favorite bed came too. He gets much use of it in the winter. He would hibernate if he could.


Tonka made the adjustment to a new barn surprisingly easily. Here in Maine there are kind people, lots of hay, and a big paddock. Sometimes it’s sunny. I’m there daily to ride and dote on him.


Major life changes, like this move, even when planned and desired, can be stressful. Fortunately, this big change was exactly what we’d hoped for!

I’ll leave you with this short video. All I have to do is walk five minutes down the trail on my property to see this. It’s a cliche to say stop and smell the roses. But there’s a reason there are cliches. There’s truth at their core. Here, perhaps, I should say stop and peer into the woods. Although the horse is the focus of this blog, I look forward to sharing such moments with you in 2020. After all, staying centered helps us to better relate to everyone around us, doesn’t it?


Wishing you all a wonderful 2020, with much stopping to appreciate the world around us.

23 thoughts on “It Was a Good Change

  • Virginia Walker

    Beautiful! I love the sound of the rushing water. Yes moving is stressful, but as our life changes, we have to change also. It could be from age or other situations. Our goals have to be looked at and possibly changed. We are looking at moving over to Yuma as my husband wants to get out of crazy CA. We live in East San Diego. If will be hard to leave the few friends I have here, and my son. I was hoping for grandchildren, but that is not going to happen due to lots of things, so my goals in life have to change too. So I will focus more on my horses. I have enjoyed doing that the last several years since I retired.

  • Daisy

    A good change indeed, in my mind, it couldn’t have been anything else ! love that you are closer to the *wild* expression of Nature all around… and the brook is a wonderful highlight. I second Jeannie for the Brook Cam LOL !
    Everyone settled nicely, I am looking forward to discover more of your beautiful moments. The pictures and videos are always wonderful to look at; they show how much you are happy and enjoy greatly what you do.
    Best wishes for 2020 to you, Steve and your *extended family*

  • Kim

    Beautiful photos, and I love that each animal has such a contented look on their face! The woods are truly magical. Have fun exploring your wonderful back yard. Happy New Year!

  • lesley stacey

    This is such a wonderful post to lead us all into the New Year that will be full of both change and promise of new things yet to come, and all that has been left behind is gone but not forgotten. The sound of your brook is priceless. Nature never gets old in my mind either. There is always something new to be discovered and to draw out our imagination, awe and wonder. Happy New Year to all you and `all` of yours!

  • Michelle McMillen

    So glad the changes were good all around (and I love reading about EVERYthing). The last few years have been more challenging than fun for me, but that is LIFE; you take what comes. And I’m ending this year with a new horse, so that adds a LOT.

  • Gin

    After all, part of the reason we are out there on the trail is to enjoy what nature has to offer, like that lovely video and pictures. Happy New Year to you and yours, and also to Scooter.

  • Deb

    Very happy for you and your family. I look forward to continuing to learn from you this next year. Wishing you all the best.

  • Jan

    Happy and Healthy 2020. Love the pic off Steve catching up with Pip. Video very soothing, All the best, 🙂

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