Getting Out Of The Ring

By Terry Golson

Yesterday, when I arrived at the barn, the temperature was above 20° F! The sky was clear. A red tailed hawk was screaming above the hay field.


She could hunt – the rain last week washed away the snow. But, soon there was a bigger animal than a mouse in the field. Do you see him?


Now? Tonka’s crazy mane gives him away.


Walking around the field was such a nice break from the ring work.


The footing was lumpy and frozen. We walked. Despite the sunshine, it wasn’t warm. I was wearing an insulated shirt and two jackets. Still, we were walking in the sun and it felt great!


In the arena, Tonka had dragon breath. You can see in this photo that we were not yet warmed up. I’m hunched and tipped forward, and he’s tight in the shoulder.


It took about fifteen minutes, but gradually Tonka and I loosened up. Tonka’s body is healing.

Getting outside will keep our minds happy while we get back into physical shape. Hopefully, we’ll have a few more walks in the field this week. Snow is predicted for Wednesday.


(Many thanks to Steve, who bundled up to and stood in the cold to take these photos. If you like birds, he has an Instagram page where he posts nature photos.)

3 thoughts on “Getting Out Of The Ring

  • Jan

    It always feels wonderful to get out and about in winter under a blue sky. I always feel uplifted even with just a walk no matter how cold as long as its sunny. The change of scenery after being confined to the barn would have done wonders for yours and Tonka’s well being. Bet you had your long johns on as well 🙂

  • Gin

    I was wondering who stood out in the cold to take these pictures until I got to the part where you told it was Steve. I went over to Instagram and looked at Steve’s photos. They are really good, I especially liked the one of the flock of Red Winged Blackbirds, and the squirrel, and etc. etc.
    Good to know Tonka is healing.

  • Judy

    Thanks for the tip on Steve’s Instagram page. Wonderful photographs; I can’t decide if I like best the shots of the Red Wing Blackbirds or the Bluebirds! Glad to hear that Tonka is beginning to feel better.

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