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By Terry Golson

Years ago, when one of my books came out, my editor told me that I should be on Twitter to promote sales. I tried, but it just wasn’t my thing. Since then, social media has exploded. There are now ways to be public that I haven’t even tried. Snapchat! Flickr! (Thank goodness I’ve been happily married for twenty-five years so that I don’t have to try the myriad of dating sites.)

I did create a public persona page on FaceBook, and I have to say that I spend way too much time FaceBook looking at sale horse videos (I’m not in the market, it’s pure voyeurism!) and seeing what other horse trainers are up to. I also watch every octopus and cuttlefish video that finds its way into my feed, but that’s another story.

I now have over 2,000 follows. Most of those folks found me via HenCam and are still with me. But since many of the people who read this blog don’t see what I put on FaceBook, I thought I’d mention it here. FaceBook, and Instagram (where I also post) are places for me to put up photos that are fun, but not necessarily blog material. Like this one:

Wherever you found me, I’m glad that you have.

6 thoughts on “Social Media

  • Kim

    My daughter actually found you years ago when we first started keeping chickens. Since then I have referred to your Hencam blog archives for advice numerous times, most recently last night when I needed confirmation that I could treat bumblefoot at home. I think that I did pretty well with it too! Now I enjoy keeping up with your adventures with Tonka. Thank you for your continued dedication to helping your readers help their animals through your blog. What a valuable resource!
    P.S. Topaz and Beryl are still doing well here in Maine! Beryl is currently residing in the broody pen, no surprise there I’m sure!

  • Michelle

    I like Instagram; it’s “snack blogging,” but FB is just NOT.MY.THING. About the only time I post to FB (under a pseudonym, mind you) is through Instagram. I love to blog, read blogs, and have blogpals!

    • Terry Golson Post author

      I carefully curate what I read on FB, and I don’t have “friends” because I have a public persona page, so it’s manageable. But I agree with you about blogs.

    • Terry Golson Post author

      Many horse owners shave off the whiskers for a tidy appearance. But, that interferes with the horse’s ability to know what they’re eating. During grazing it interferes with their ability to select the right blades of forage and avoid the nasty ones. Tonka’s whiskers are cute and purposeful!

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