5 thoughts on “Santa’s Least Enthusiastic Reindeer

  • Karen Pryor

    Oh poor Tonka, he looks just as anxious and dismayed as small dogs do when forced into a halloween costume.
    Merry Xmas, Tonka. Lots of peppermints coming your way.


    • Terry Golson Post author

      I know, I’d never subject Scooter to this! 🙂
      Tonka is used to wearing a fly bonnet, so he didn’t fuss when I put on the hat, but then he noticed that it was heavier on his ears. BTW, note that he is in a perfect “stay” (cued, of course.) He flicked his ears back because there was snow sheeting off of the roof, and he still stayed put. He only had to put up with this nonsense for 2 minutes. Trust me, he got peppermints!

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