Dog Training

By Terry Golson

Now Offering Dog Training!

I’m a Certified Training Partner through Karen Pryor Academy, one of the most respected and rigorous dog trainer courses available. For the last few years I’ve focused on working with horses, but I’ve kept up with dog training by attending conferences and helping friends with their rescue pups. Isolation during the pandemic has not made it easy for dog owners to socialize and train their dogs. Now, those same dogs are faced with separation anxiety as their people are able to leave their homes more. I’d like to help. I can come to your home to evaluate what you need to do to have a happy (and easier to live with!) dog. From there I can help you to train your dog to listen, relax, play (nicely) and be a well-mannered member of your family. I’m based in the York, Maine region.

Happy Results

I taught Hope to ignore the cat!